100th Anniversary Celebration


As president of Grand Rapids Community College, I am proud to share our 100 years of history with you. Successes, setbacks, tragedies and triumphs – all connected by learning and experience.

Our first century has seen unimaginable changes to the Grand Rapids area, and we have played an important role in shaping that development. Our students have built the businesses, nurtured the innovations, and stepped into the leadership positions that have provided a strong foundation for the exciting events and growth that the college and West Michigan are certain to see in the next 100 years.

In turn, we have allowed ourselves to be shaped by the students who have entered our doors and the community that lies beyond them. Our students have taught us new ways of looking at the world and new methods of sharing knowledge, and, for 100 years, they have inspired us to bring our best to our classrooms. We are proud — and humbled — by the support West Michigan has shown us for a century.

We invite you, our friends, our community and our alumni, to join us in celebrating your community college. Scroll through our timeline, view photos and videos of our events, and learn how you can get involved in helping us mark this momentous occasion.

Thank you,
Steven C. Ender, Ed.D.