Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Application
  2. Course Registration
  3. Lakeshore Campus Services
  4. Financial Aid
  5. Tutorial Services
  6. Student Records
  7. Open Entry


Can I apply online?

Yes, you can! For more information, please visit our Enrollment Center

Course Registration

How do I register for a class?

Admitted students can register by utilizing their Online Center account.

Lakeshore Campus Services

Are counseling services available at the Lakeshore Campus?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment to meet with our on site counselor, please call (616) 234-2200 or (616) 234-4054.

How do I get my textbooks?

If you are in a traditional course, you can order your textbooks online at or go to the Grand Rapids main campus bookstore. If you are taking an open entry/open exit class you can only purchase your textbook after you have gone through an orientation with your instructor. Textbooks for these classes are available at the Patrick A. Thompson M-TEC and can only be purchased with a check or credit card, we no longer accept cash.

Are there computers available for students to use at the Lakeshore Campus in Holland?

Yes! The Lakeshore Campus has a computer lab for student use at the Patrick A. Thompson M-TEC, Midtown Center and the West Ottawa North facilities.

Does the Lakeshore Campus have a photocopier and a fax machine available for student use?

Yes, in room 103 at the Patrick A. Thompson M-TEC and in room A268 at the West Ottawa North Building. There is also one at the Midtown Center.

How do I get a Raider Card?

You can get a Raider Card at the Patrick A. Thompson M-TEC in room 103 or the Midtown Center. Please be aware that a Raider Card is required for access to West Ottawa and the Careerline Tech Center.

Financial Aid

Am I eligible for financial aid? How do I apply?

You can apply for grants and loans through the United States Department of Education. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available online or at the Lakeshore Campus Patrick A. Thompson M-TEC. GRCC's federal school code is 002267. For more information, you can visit Financial Aid.

Is there a deadline when applying for financial aid?

For FAFSA deadlines, visit the FAFSA web page

Tutorial Services

Are there tutors available if I need additional help?

Yes, tutoring is available at the Lakeshore Campus. See the tutorial schedule for more information, or call us at 616-234-2200.

Student Records

How do I get a copy of my transcript? What is the difference between "official" and "unofficial"?

An unofficial transcript is a printed list of classes and the grades that you earned in each while at GRCC. You can see and print your own unofficial transcript using your online account; you can also get a copy of your unofficial transcript at the Patrick A. Thompson M-TEC.

An official transcript can only be produced by the Registrar's Office, located at the main campus in Grand Rapids. An official transcript is printed on special paper, sealed and signed by the college registrar.

Open Entry

What is Open Entry/Open Exit (OE/OE) instruction?

Open Enrollment modules, also called Open Entry/Open Exit (OE/OE) modules, allows you to learn skills at your own pace. This delivery method is for individuals who are motivated and who enjoy working independently with minimal supervision. We have broken up traditional classes into modules so that you don’t need to commit to taking a traditional class just to learn certain skills. Open entry/open exit modules award college credit, so you can apply them to a degree or certificate if you decide to go for one later. At the course orientation the student and instructor complete a written learning agreement that specifies course completions and course beginning/end dates.

Instructors use computer-assisted programs and video technology to supplement the hands on learning process and are present to assist and answer questions. The modules are open entry, so you can start just about any time without being bound to the traditional school semester schedule. Classes available in the module format are offered exclusively GRCC’s Thompson M-TEC in Holland. Skill concentrations include welding, machine tooling, maintenance mechanics, electricity/electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and computer aided design (CAD).

How do I register/enroll for Open Entry/Open Exit (OE/OE) courses?

Come to the Thompson M-TEC between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or you can go online at to register, or you can visit the Enrollment Center at the main campus in Grand Rapids. We recommend that you register for one module at a time, complete its requirements, then register for the next module.

Is there a difference in price between OE/OE and “traditional” college courses?

No, you will pay the same tuition and course fees. The module costs are broken down to equal the same cost as a traditional course.

How will I know when to start attending my Open Entry/Open Exit course?

If you register at the Thompson M-TEC we will provide information regarding orientation for a module with the instructor. If you register online, at the Enrollment Center, or if a company apprenticeship coordinator gets you registered, you should call the Thompson M-TEC to get the orientation information.

Where can I buy textbooks for Open Entry/Open Exit courses?

Textbooks for open entry/open exit courses are available at the Thompson M-TEC. Effective Summer 2014 you can purchase textbooks with a credit card or check only, we don't accept cash. The Thompson M-TEC is not a college campus bookstore and is unable to buy back used textbooks. If you are registered for a traditional course and need a textbook, you can go online at and order the book or visit the bookstore at the main campus in Grand Rapids.

Where do I pay for courses?

You can pay by phone, using a major credit card, by contacting Grand Rapids Community College’s Cashier's Office at 616-234-4020, by visiting the Cashier's Office at the main campus to pay via credit card, check, or cash. Or you can pay online via credit card at

My employer wants to pay for my tuition?

Your employer must fill out a Third Party Tuition Payment Authorization form and submit it to the college Cashier's Office. We have these forms available at the Thompson M-TEC.

If I want to drop a Open Entry/Open Exit course, what should I do?

There are stipulations regarding how refunds are handled. If you think you want to drop a module, please call the Thompson M-TEC right away and we can explain the procedure in more detail. Ultimately, the student is responsible to drop a course, and non-attendance is not a satisfactory method for dropping.