Math Lab Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you'll find answers to the questions most frequently asked about the lab.

What is the Mathematics Tutorial Lab?

The Mathematics Tutorial Lab is a drop-in center for any student taking a math class at GRCC.  The primary purpose of the lab is to offer an active learning environment which encourages students to become independent learners.  Students may use the lab to study, practice skills, and work on assignments for class.  The lab strongly encourages students to form course study groups. We offer practice problems, handouts, videos, and practice tests on our Blackboard organization site.

Where is this lab located?

The lab is located in 105 Cook Hall.  Tutoring is available during open lab hours for the following courses:  

 MA 095, 096, 097, 098, 105, 107, 108, 110, 124, 127, 131, 210, 211, and 215

Do I need to make an appointment?

No. The Math Lab works on a first-come, first-served basis.  Feel free to come in and have a seat.  Raise your hand if you have a question and a tutor will come help you out.

How do I know who the tutors are?

There are usually four tutors working in the lab.  They will all be wearing a nametag.

How much does it cost?

Tutoring is a free service offered by GRCC’s Academic Support & Tutoring Services Department.

Do I need to have a specific question to use the lab?

No, you can use the lab as a study area, or to work in small groups.  When you have a question, we try to help.

Can you help me with my graded assignments and take-home tests?

While we are unable to answer questions from graded assignments, we are happy to help you with understanding the concept behind the question.

What should I expect from tutoring?

A tutor is not a substitute for your teacher.  You are expected to attend class regularly.  Prior to a tutoring session, read your textbook and complete as much of your homework as possible.  You will get the greatest benefit from tutoring if you come to the lab with questions about reading assignments or homework that you did not understand.  You should bring your textbook, class notes, old test papers, class handouts, etc.  A tutor provides expertise, experience, and encouragement.  We do not provide "answers," but rather assist in problem solving and helping students find their own answers.

Why do we have to swipe in with our Raider Card?

Our budget is justified by how well our services are used.  The swipe-in process helps us keep good records of lab usage. In addition, we use this information to identify ways that we can improve our services.

Can I check-out resources?

Books and calculators are available and may be checked out with a Raider Card.  Books are to be used in the lab only and cannot leave the room. Calculators may be removed from the lab but must be returned by closing time that same day.

Is the lab equipped with computers?

Yes.  We have 30 computers in room 100.  Students are welcome to use these computers as long as the room is not reserved for a class.  If you are working on math homework through ALEKS, WebAssign, or another web-based program, a tutor can be requested.  The printer costs 10 cents per page and can be paid for with your Raider Card.

What is the difference between the Math Lab and the Calculus Lab?

Math Lab personnel do not tutor calculus.  The Calculus & Physical Science Tutorial Lab deals with all calculus classes as well as the physical sciences.  They are located in the Calkins Science Building room 103.