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Decision Making (CLOSER LOOK)

Step 3

STEP 3 involves taking a CLOSER LOOK, narrowing down possibilities and eventually, deciding what career, major or training program you will actually pursue. Career specialists often refer to this step as decision making. It is recommended that you complete and/or seriously consider the activities and suggestions provided within the follow-up options cited below. In this step you should learn about and actually set goals as well as learn how to and eventually develop a career plan.

NOTE: If you have no clue about what you should have completed in Steps 1 or 2 ... OR; you have not seriously gone through each of these foundational steps to determine who you are, who you want to become, and what’s most important to you in life as well as become familiar with aspects within significant influencing areas out side of you, then it is strongly suggested you go back and complete these steps.

Follow-Up Options:

  • Read Step 3 CLOSER LOOK Description/Activities ... If desired, and if you are a GRCC student, contact the Counseling and Career Center via phone or email to make an appointment to have your career assessment results interpreted.
  • Conduct more detailed research via the GRCC Arthur Andrews Memorial Library, local community libraries and Internet. If available and appropriate for you, consider, apply for and engage in real-life experiential activities like informational interviewing, job shadowing, externships/internships and CO-OP.
  • Become familiar with career decision making and goals (see right upper corner under Downloads). After you have decided on a career or college major and made an occupational choice, it is suggested that you learn how to create a plan and then actually develop your own personal career plan (see right upper corner under Downloads).
  • You may want to visit the Department of Experiential Learning and ask about opportunities that may best reflect your self-assessment results from Step 1. You're also welcome to drop by Student Employment Services (Room 103 of the Main Building) and explore part-time job possibilities. HELPFUL LINKS & HANDOUTS – STEP 3 offers a few websites you may find helpful related to influential areas to explore on taking a CLOSER LOOK.

On completion of Step 3:

  • You should have a completed self-assessment to determine or confirm your life direction (Step 1) and become familiar with key areas outside of you that you believe to be supportive of your life direction (Step 2).
  • You should have identified your most suitable options, made a decision, set goals and developed a career plan (Step 3).