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Self Assessment (INSIDE)

Step 1

Your purpose for looking inside is to determine who you are and what’s most important in your life. There are many ways and websites that can help you to complete this effort. We have cited a few below. In order to avoid being too superficial in this important first step.  At minimum, it is suggested you read and complete at least two activities within each of the first two follow-up options listed below. Be sure to save your results so that you can refer to them when you are ready to consider the next step in the process.

Follow-Up Options

  • Become familiar with Step 1 Descriptions/Activities and then read/complete a Self-Assessment Packet (Download upper right side).
  • Explore one or more of the sites included underneath HELPFUL LINKS (STEP 1) and complete one or more of the related activities.
  • Participate in a Career Direction Workshop — See Seminars, Workshops and Classes and/or call (616) 234-3900.
  • Ask family members, friends, teachers, advisors, and others whom you believe will give you honest feedback about what they see as some of your strengths, weaknesses, talents and skills. Write down your results.
  • If desired, and you are a GRCC STUDENT, contact the Counseling and Career Center via phone or email and ask to meet with a counselor for career advice.

SPECIAL NOTE: A sample of a completed Self-Assessment Summary Sheet (see above under downloads) has been made available for you to view. HELPFUL LINKS & HANDOUTS – STEP 1 offers a few websites you may find helpful related to influential areas to explore regarding self-assessment.

On Completion of Step 1:

You should have a completed Self-Assessment Packet including the Summary Sheet of who you are and what’s most important in your life.