Students talking with staff members

Taking Action (MATCHING UP)

Step 4

If you have successfully completed each step of this four-step career development process in chronological order (which is what we recommend, although we are aware some may only need to complete a step or two), then you are now ready to actually “take action” and practically begin (or continue) to do what you have decided to pursue as a career, and/or college major. A word of caution is needed here: Step 4 is often entered into prematurely. To just “jump into” this step without successfully completing the first three steps can result in significant stress and, potentially, a tremendous waste of time, energy and money. Therefore, before choosing or confirming your life direction and/or selecting a career or college major, it would be wise to review your final decision(s) with a qualified counselor. Finally, it is recommended that you complete and/or seriously consider the suggestions and activities provided within the follow-up options listed below.

Follow-Up Options:

  • If needed, review or develop your written career plan. However, if you have not done step 1 or step 2, we strongly suggest you successfully complete these steps first, before reviewing/writing your career plan.
  • Identify and research places you have interest in working for that most realistically complement your self-assessment results (Step 1).
  • Prepare for, complete and submit applications for work places of interest that request them and/or prepare for, construct and submit a cover letter and resume, when applicable.
  • Learn how to and then receive and/or negotiate and/or accept and/or reject a job offer.
  • Visit the GRCC Arthur Andrews Memorial Library to view Step 4 videos and complete recommended exercises.
  • Visit the GRCC Financial Aid Office (located in Room 156 Main Building.) and ask about financial options.
  • Visit the GRCC Employment Services office (located in Room 103 Main Building.) and ask for job hunting assistance.           NOTE: You may elect to visit similar job assistance agencies located around the community.

HELPFUL LINKS & HANDOUTS – STEP 4 offers a few websites you may find helpful related to influential areas to explore on job search or MATCHING UP.

On completion of Step 4:

*CONGRATULATIONS are due if you successfully took and completed actions on the career plan you should have completed in Step 3. Continue to evaluate the decisions you have made and are making, along with the changes you have experienced (and are experiencing), and, whenever necessary, make adjustments.