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The Center for Teaching Excellence is the primary source of faculty professional development at Grand Rapids Community College. The purpose of the Center is to promote student learning and success by providing faculty with learning opportunities, support and resources designed to assist them in reaching their full potential as faculty members at Grand Rapids Community College. In order to do that, we offer a wide range of programming that includes:

  • Providing resources on teaching and learning
  • Offering facilitated workshops and learning opportunities
  • Sponsoring community-building events
  • Offering one-on-one consultations
  • Hosting special events such as Faculty Learning Day
  • Coordinating and administering the New Faculty Program

The Center is part of Instructional Support.

On this site you will find a variety of resources and information, including descriptions of our learning opportunities, a calendar of our events and information on other professional development opportunities and awards. You can also find a variety of resources related to the Faculty Evaluation System.