GRCC Board of Trustees Announces Tuition Increase for 2011-2012 Year

Despite significant cost reductions, including across-the-board budget cuts, cost-saving changes to health insurance plans and a reduction in employee benefits, Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition for the 2011-2012 school year in a budget work session this week.

The new rates are as follows:

Residency Status | Current Rate | Proposed Rate    % Increase

Resident    $89.50 | $95.50 | 6.84%
Non-Resident    $196.00 | $209.50 | 6.95%
Out-of-State    $293.00 | $313.50 | 7.03%

Other non-credit and specialty programs will also experience increased tuition as well.

The Board’s decision was based on the fact that in spite of $1,893,000 in savings from increasing some employee health benefit contributions and $1,044,000 in cuts to operating expenses, the college still has a gap of $2,817,000 in the budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.  

“We have worked very diligently – recognizing that a reduction in state funding and property tax revenues, and an increase in health care costs were imminent – to minimize the impact on our students, faculty and staff with any actions we took to balance our budget,” said Margo Anderson, GRCC Board of Trustees Chairperson.  “Ultimately, increasing the cost of tuition became inevitable.”

GRCC president Steven C. Ender acknowledged the hard work, commitment and efforts of college administrators and staff “to maintaining the quality of education all GRCC students deserve” by continuing to look at ways to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.  “Even with this increase, GRCC continues to be the most cost-effective college choice in the Grand Rapids Metropolitan area, and students and parents know that when compared to other education institutions - public and private - we continue to provide one of the highest values in the State of Michigan," he said.

Grand Rapids Community College, established in 1914, offers opportunities for nearly 30,000 students annually in degree courses, certification and training programs, workshops and personal enrichment classes. GRCC holds classes on the downtown Grand Rapids campus as well as several additional locations throughout Kent and Ottawa counties.