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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Academic Foundations Program?

The Academic Foundations Program is a set of classes and services that prepare students for college level work. AFP classes include English 097, Math 095, 096 and 097, Reading 097 and 098, and PY 100 (Strategies for Success) . Counselor, tutors, peer mentors, and extended class time are all available options in the AFP program.

2. Do I get credit for these classes?

Academic Foundations courses are counted as electives toward graduation at GRCC, and they count towards required course hours for financial aid eligibility. The grades for these classes are averaged into student GPA's.

3. If they don't transfer, why should I take them?

They prepare you for college-level courses. Students who complete AFP courses successfully graduate at the same rate as students who don't need AFP courses. Students who need academic foundations courses but don't take them have much lower rates of graduation.

4. Am I the only one taking AFP courses?

About one out of every three new GRCC students takes an AFP class. And there are about three million college students in the United States each year who take a brush-up class in math, writing, and/or reading.

5. Why do so many students have to take these classes?

  • There is a gap between what is necessary for high school graduation and what is necessary for success in college.
  • Students may not have taken college prep English, or two years of algebra in high school
  • Students may not have applied themselves in high school. Grades of C+ or lower in high school math or English suggest that the student may not have learned everything he or she needs for college success.
  • Students may have been out of school for a while. They may have forgotten too much of what they learned in high school.
  • Students may simply need additional help in any of these areas.

6. If you go to the big universities, they don't have courses like this.

Wrong! Harvard was the first to offer these classes--300 years ago. Close to 100% of American colleges admit under-prepared students. Almost all of them require basic instruction to build the skills of students who are under-prepared.

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