Andre R. Fields Ph.D., LLP

Associate Professor/Counselor
Andre R. Fields

Andre, a husband and father of three children, received his Associates degree from Grand Rapids Community College, his Bachelors degree from Grand Valley State University his Masters degree from Western Michigan University and his Doctoral degree from Western Michigan University.

Andre currently serves as a Counselor and Associate Professor at GRCC. Andre’s primary research interests relate to psychosocial factors that impact the Academic Achievement of Black males. Andre believes that counseling is an effective platform for producing within an individual: a system of thinking, feeling, and behaving that will empower a person to overcome the personal, familial, and societal challenges they may be encountering on their life journey. Andre is also the founder and director of Alpha Beta Omega (ABΩ). ABΩ is a leadership development program designed to empower Black male college students attending GRCC.

Courses Taught

CLS 100 Introduction to College: New Student Experience


1. The Psychology of Racism: The Psychological Evolution of the Black Male

2. Journey to the American Dream: A 21-Day Survival Guide for Overcoming Racism

3. The 55 Golden Rules: Mentoring Black Male Students One Step at a Time

4. The 21-LAWS of eRACISM Vol I: Unlearning Inferiority (A Brief Manual for Black Americans)

5. The 21 LAWS of eRACISM Vol II: Unlearning Superiority (A Brief Manual for White Americans)

6. The 21-LAWS of eRACISM Vol III. Learning Racial Intelligence (A Brief Manual for All Americans)

7. CANT CULTURE: The Social Engineering of Black Male Failure and a Solution to the Problem

8. The EPS Model: Building a Mentoring Program for Black Male Students (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Black Male Leadership Program (Alpha Beta Ωmega)

ABΩ: World Leaders Society