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student exploring careers in counseling and career center

Career Exploration

Career Development and Planning

You can arrange to participate in Career Development activities such as workshops to identify important aspects of yourself and of the majors and careers you are considering to make a well-informed major and career choice

If you are undecided about your major, you can search different majors by Career Pathways. The Career Pathways is a broad group of careers that share similar characteristics and whose employment requirements call for many common interests, strengths, and competencies.

The following links are not meant to replace actual counseling, but they may provide you with useful information as you research different careers. 

  • Career Cruising - offers online assessment tools, detailed occupational profiles, multimedia interviews with real people in various careers, and comprehensive post secondary education information
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - provides career information available from the US Dept. of Labor
  • O*NET - Occupational Information Network; can use to find occupations using key words or use a list of your skills to find matching occupations
  • Career One Stop: Pathways to Career Success - Provides tools to help job seekers, students, businesses, and career professionals. Your pathway to career success. Also provides links to employment statistics by state. Sponsored by the US Department of Labor
  • Michigan Labor Market Information - Prepares employment forecasts by occupational groups. This is a great way explore the demand in the work force and wage information
  • GRCC Degree Programs - A list of 2 year occupational programs available at GRCC
  • Vocational Information Center - Explore vocational and technical careers; includes links to career descriptions, educational sites, directories, associations, and more
  • NACADA Clearning House - is an organization that has identified several university websites with career resources
  • What can I do with a major in?  from GRCC - learn about careers available for different majors
  • What can I do with a major in? from University of North Carolina at Wilmington - learn about careers available for different majors
  • PayScale's Guide to Early Career Success - this guide will teach you how to find a job that aligns with your strengths and passions.