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Honors Program Resources for Faculty

The Honors Program provides an enhanced teaching and learning experience for both faculty and students.  Faculty teaching Honors courses expose students to a variety of innovative teaching and active learning practices from integrating field trips, inviting guest speakers, flipped classrooms to service learning. 

  • Kate Byerwalter offers service learning in her Honors PY 232 and PY 233 courses
  • Laurie Foster offers multiple field trips as part of her Honors BI 101 course
  • Joan Gearns and Kellie Roblin partner with the Writing Lab in their EN 240 course

Teaching Honors courses provide faculty an opportunity to try new things - to ultimately inspire learning.  Honors students connect deeper with the subject matter and become excited about the learning process helping to lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

The Honors curriculum focuses on general education courses to ensure students are on track for earning a degree and/or transfer.  Courses are vetted through both the Department of which the course is owned and the Honors Program.  Honors faculty help guide the program in terms of developing policies and procedures, advising students, facilitating and participating at Honors events and overall program promotion.  These experiences can be an excellent contribution for your teaching portfolio.   

New 2013-2014 Honors Courses/Faculty

  • Sophie Rubin, PY 201
  • Dennis Sutton, COM 135
  • Lisa Gloege, EC 251/252

How faculty can participate?  We encourage all faculty to participate in the Honors Program.  This can be done in a few ways:

  • Support the facilitation of Honors Contracts. 
  • Teach an Honors Course.
  • Attend Honors Program events and functions
  • Market the Honors Program in your courses
  • Complete our faculty professional development offerings

Click here to learn how you can teach an Honors Course