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Honors Program Resources for Students

The GRCC Honors Program is a very active community. The program provides a rich curriculum for motivated students who seek to understand themselves and make a difference in the world. Together, students and faculty form a community of caring, dedicated, and enthusiastic scholars.

The fundamental idea of the program is that the best preparation for the future is through an informed and critical understanding of the world. The core of the Honors Program is its curriculum: a series of honors courses at the first and second year level designed to prepare today's college students for the 21st century.  Students will be required to earn 12 credits of Honors courses for an "Honors Program Completion" distinction on their transcript.

On this website you will find information about acceptance into the program, honors courses, honors contract, service learning and more.

Please feel free to contact us at with questions. We are always happy to guide and inform you further.