Program Participation Requirements & Completion

Students can participate in the Honors Program at various levels. Students are welcome to take as many Honors Courses as desired, although not encouraged to take more than two per semester and provided they remain in good academic standing. For every course completed as Honors, the student will receive the Honors Designation on his or her academic transcript.

The highest and most prestigious recognition is the Honors Program Completion (requirements described below). This achievement is indicated on a student’s academic transcript, as well as in the Commencement Ceremony (program and special cord).

To complete the Honors Program:


To remain in good standing in the Honors Program:

  • Minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA AND
  • Complete (1) honors course per semester (if full-time student) OR
  • Complete (1) honors course per year (if part-time student)


  • Students not in good standing will be automatically removed from Honors status and notified via email.
  • Students may reapply at any time following removal.