Honors Program Leadership Opportunities

We invite GRCC Honors students to develop leadership skills and service experience through formal classes, activities on-campus, participating in Phi Theta Kappa, civic engagement in the community and by supporting "your" Honors Program.

Honors Program Student Associate

This is a paid leadership position within the Department of Experiential Learning. The Honors Associate will support the department in the facilitation of honors program events and recruitment opportunities including facilitating service learning experiences and the Spring Open House. The Honors Associate will have a significant role in providing leadership to the development and facilitation of the Honors Program Student Advisory Board.

Honors Program Student Advisory Board:

All Honors students are encouraged to apply to serve on the Student Advisory Board. Membership of the board is balanced between both first and second year Honors students. The boards play a vital role in ensuring the Honors Program meets the needs of students helping to maximize the benefits of the program. Member of the board are knowledgeable about program components, campus resources and participate in opportunities to promote the Honor program. Individuals will provide feedback on program requirements and give feedback for overall program improvement. Members gain valuable leadership skills during their time at GRCC and beyond.

Interested students should apply using the online form for both positions listed above. Application deadline is Friday, August 23. Students who apply may be asked to participate in an interview with Honors Program staff.