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Service Learning Resources for Faculty

At GRCC, service learning has been and continues to be one of the most rewarding teaching and learning practices.  Impacting over 1,000 students each year, service learning is spread across all disciplines. As a proven effective pedagogy, service learning has a positive impact on academic, social and cultural variables.  Both students and faculty report that service learning increases the understanding and depth of course content while promoting the knowledge and understanding of civic and social issues.  These experiences can be an excellent contribution for your teaching portfolio.   

Designating sections as service learning requires two procedures.

Procedure One - if you are new to service learning, you are required to complete the Service Learning Designation Request Form [click here].  This form allows faculty to describe how they are integrating service learning into their curriculum.  This procedure is often paired with 1-2 hours of training. This is a one-time approval process.

Procedure Two - if you have already completed the Service Learning Designation Request Form, faculty are required to complete the Service Learning Section Registration Form [click here].  This form is required for every section that service learning will be offered "and" for every semester of which service learning is offered.  This procedure allows the College to attach the service learning designation onto the students official transcript as well as complete required risk & release waivers.