Costa Rica 2017

Learn about this Program:

This program is open to Nursing students looking to take AD 248/258 and AD 215/235 during the summer.  Please talk to your nursing advisor to make sure you qualify for this program..

While enrolled in AD 248/258 Community Transcultural Nursing (both are 1-credit, 2 contact hour courses), students will examine the significance of how research influences the nursing role in community transcultural nursing.

Excursions with this program include serveral opportunities in clincs and home visits.  Previous programs have worked at Pad Project and clincs in El Carmen, Rositer Carballo.  Home visits have included places such as El Carmen, Cartago, San Jose, and Rositter Carballo.  The program also includes seminars such as "Natural Medicine Seminar and Talk with a Costa Rican Nurse," language classes, and practical and medical orientations. 

Evening and day excursion are part of the program.  Past programs have visited Jaco Beach, Los Sueños for zip-lining, tours of San Jose and souvenir shopping and folkloric dance class. 

Dates of Program

August 2017 (Length will be 10 days)


You can apply for this Study Away program starting August 1st.  Please see the instructions on how to apply by clicking [HERE

Cost of Program

The program fee is approximately $3,000.

The cost of the program includes:

  • Airfare
  • In-country transportation
  • Housing 
  • Breakfast, some lunches  
  • Tours
  • Criminal Background Check

The program fee does not include (not all expenses below will apply to every student):

  • Transportation to and from US based airport. (varies). 
  • Tuition with fees (4 contact hours) (Based on a resident nursing student rate: $183/contact hour) (approxmately $786.00).  This does not include any additional course specific fees such as lab fees.
  • Some lunches, dinners (approx. $200)
  • Gratuities for tour guides ($75)
  • Passport ($140)
  • Personal Expenses (approx. $200)

Projected total expenses for this program is $4,401.

Learn about Financial Aid and scholarship opportunities to help finance your Study Away by visiting our student resource page


By completing this program you will have completed AD 248/258 and AD 215/235 receiving 4 credits.

Who to contact

If you have questions about the experience, please email one of the faculty directors.

Sherry Knoppers

Nursing Programs


If you have questions about general Study Away information (e.g.application, payments, etc), please contact Experiential Learning.

Chris Remley

Experiential Learning