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Current Study Away Programs

HU 219 Global Studies through International Travel – France - Hillery Haney
This international travel course will provide an in‐depth study of the French culture, civilization, art, history and language. It connects us to understanding the world in which we live where cultural and political misunderstandings abound and interactions become more common. We will come into contact with French culture through art, history and language from the north to the south of France in Paris and Provence. This experience is intended to promote interdisciplinary study and a broader understanding of the multicultural world in which we live through the study of language, art, culture, history, religion, economy and travel.

AD 248/258 Transcultural Nursing – Costa Rica - Sherry Knoppers
Associate Professor Sherry Knoppers is leading a 9-day experience to Costa Rica as part of AD 248/258 courses in mid-August of 2017. Sherry teaches in the Nursing Program specifically pediatric, family and transcultural nursing as well as microbiology for nursing.  This is the sixth year this experience is being proposed all them led by professor Knoppers using the same provider and at the same location. This experience will help students to better serve individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds especially severely impoverished communities as well as a better appreciation for American health care services.