Sunset over a city in France.

Study Away France and Belgium

HU 219 French and Belgium Culture, Civilization, and Art History

Bonjour!!!  I would like to invite you to a life changing and rewarding experience.  An opportunity to travel France and Belgium!


This trip to France and Belgium is led by Professor Hillery Haney (French) and Professor Kimberly Overdevest (Art History) who both bring extensive teaching and travel experience. 

While enrolled in this 3-credit course, HU 219 “French and Belgium Culture, Civilization, and Art History”, students will be provided an in-depth study of the French and Belgium culture, art history, and civilizations.  Students will explore and gain a brooder understanding of the multicultural world in which we live by studying language, history, culture, religion, and art history as students travel through France and Belgium.  

As a result of this trip, class lectures and tours, students will be able to:

  • Communicate in French in social and professional situations in a Francophone country
  • Understand appropriate social and conversational etiquette in a variety of contexts
  • Observe , compare and contrast cultural norms different from those most familiar
  • Explain how aspects of history, including art and culture, have impacted the lives of the French people
  • Understand firsthand the reality of third world populations as it relates to their own cultural reality


The dates for this trip are May 11-May 21, 2015.


Program participants will stay in a variety of 3-star hotels throughout the trip. Activities and excursions include guided city tours and museum visits in Paris and Brussels, a visit to Versailles and the Chateaux de la Loire, an excursion to Ghent and Bruges, as well as visits to local winery (France) and brewery (Belgium) all the sampling the local cuisine.   


Open to all students with a genuine interest in Fremch and Belgium Culture and Art History.

Students who meet the follow criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Be a GRCC student (degree-seeking preferred)
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Be in good academic standing (not below a 2.0)
  • Good Code of Conduct record 
  • Clear a criminal background check 
  • Proof of current health insurance
  • No outstanding fee's owed to the College
  • Have financial means to participate
  • Have essential abilities to participate in trip activities


Cost does not cover tuition.  Expenses covered include lodging, airfare, in-country transportation, scheduled activities, and most meals.

Financial Aid:  Cost of the trip can be covered by your Financial Aid.  Before making a decision to move forward, please consult Paul Doane in the Financial Aid Office to help determine your options of paying for this experience.    


We don’t have any time to waste.  All forms and deposits must be submitted in order to travel.

1. Talk to Financial Aid

2. Gather more information about the trip (ask Professor Haney at 234-4380 or

3. Submit the Student Intake Form to Chris Remley (Main Building, Room 59)

4. Upon approval of the Student Intake Form, students will be directed to Professors Hillery Haney and Kimberly Overdevest for further steps of acceptance into the trip.

4. Once approved, make your first deposit of $500 by Monday, November 3, 2014.


Once you have been approved and your deposit made, you will be invited to a mandatory informational meeting to go over the program and other vital information such as passports and more.