Creating Accessible Materials

All classroom materials should be accessible and usable for all students.  At a minimum, this means that documents need to be available electronically, the text needs to be able to be copied/pasted, have navigational structure, and include ‘alt text’ for any images.  Please know that we understand faculty are continuing to learn what it means to make documents accessible.  Although this can seem overwhelming, learning to make one type of document accessible to start will be your first step.  Practicing will make perfect – or at least much less overwhelming.

Our own Meegan Willi from DLIT has created a Power Point that provides an overview creating accessible documents.

How to Make Accessible Documents, Meegan Willi


In addition, you will find links to videos, handouts, and websites.  Pick one and start practicing!

Accessible Word Documents 

Accessible Power Points 

Accessible PDF Documents 

Captioning Resources