About Us - Mission, Vision, Staff, and Services

Mission:  To provide administrative vision, institutional leadership, strategic direction, advancement, advocacy,  innovation, coordination, implementation, integration, training, and support for the college’s: online learning programs and courses, instructional technologies, classroom multimedia, enterprise course management system (Blackboard), and emerging academic technologies.

Vision:  The vision for the next five years is that through the work of DLIT and the support of related departments, the College will be nationally recognized as a leader and successful innovator in the adoption, effective use, and application of instructional technologies including the use of GRCC’s enterprise course management system (Blackboard) in teaching and learning. 

In five years, the online learning program will offer high quality and exemplary college courses and programs in the online or hybrid format.  In every course, instructional technologies will be used appropriately by all faculty members to help enhance: teaching, students’ learning, quality, success, and retention. The college will lead nationally and be known as a college of distinction in the establishment of best practices that define the next generation of teaching and learning.

Staff: The DLIT department includes:

  • Full Time Staff:
  • Faculty Support:
    • Faculty facilitators providing faculty support for Blackboard, instructional technologies, online/hybrid course training and development:

Services: GRCC is more than students, staff, faculty, classrooms, courses, technologies, and facilities. As part of it’s name, GRCC is a dynamic community of students, staff, and faculty that share ideas and experiences that are centered around teaching, learning, and technology.  It is the interplay and synergy between all of these pieces that make us who we are. 

DLIT actively pursues ways to enhance these connections and provide opportunities for collaboration, sharing, and knowledge creation through leveraging instructional technologies. The following key services provide the framework for the DLIT Department:

Leadership and Vision

  • Provide administrative vision, institutional leadership, strategic direction, advancement, coordination, planning, curriculum integration, instructional design, advocacy, and accreditation for the college’s online learning program.
  • Provide administrative vision, institutional leadership, strategic direction, advancement, coordination, planning, testing, implementation, ongoing maintenance, advocacy, and the recommendation of policies and procedures for the college’s instructional technologies and enterprise course management system (Blackboard).

Faculty Certification, Training, and Support

  • Provide leadership, coordination, training, certification, instructional design assistance, course quality initiatives, and support for faculty teaching online/hybrid courses in the college’s online learning program.
  • Provide leadership, coordination, design, development, and delivery of faculty professional development opportunities for online learning, course management system (Blackboard) use in teaching and learning, and existing or emerging instructional technologies.