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Relay Background

GRCC offers faculty the ability to easily record their lectures, create visual orientations, build video feedback of student work, and to author multimedia lessons using a product called Camtasia Relay. Camtasia Relay was selected after a campus Camtasia Relay Pilot for it's ease of use, cost effectiveness, and for it's flexibility.

In a nutshell, Camtasia Relay is an easy, efficient, and effective way to record your computer screen along with your voice narration through your microphone on your computer.

Here are the essential steps to use Camtasia Relay to record your screen:

  1. Launch the Camtasia Relay Recorder and login with your campus username and password,
  2. Select the RaiderCast Profile and click the REC button,
  3. Name your presentation and click the Submit button when finished,
  4. Place the link you receive via email in Bb.

Camtasia Relay is available in all multimedia classrooms at GRCC. Relay can also be downloaded and installed on your laptop or home computer. You can download the recorder from (Please Note: Most classrooms do not have a microphone permanently installed, therefore you will need a microphone to record audio using a campus classroom computer.)

Benefits of Relay

  • Increase student retention rates
  • Increase accessibility for learning to occur outside of the classroom
  • Efficient and easy way for faculty to create multimedia and tutorials
  • Effective way for students to review important pieces of lecture
  • Better way for students to practice notetaking for fast paced classes
  • Better class time use.
  • Ability for students to keep up with the class if absent
  • Online and distance learning students feel better connected and benefit from visual lecture
  • Use as a prior learning activity for better classroom discussion
  • New capabilities such as prior learning activity for enhanced classroom discussion
  • Give students in-depth feedback on their writings and assignment submissions through a video and audio review
  • Can also be used for training, professional development, and other campus activities such as orientations and lectures

How to Use Relay

A Camtasia Relay Tip Sheet is available that describes the steps in installing the recorder and using the capture client. As well as a tip sheet on how to install Camtasia Relay from a on-campus machine.  More how to information is available on the Tip Sheets index.

Faculty can manage recordings, including deleting recordings no longer needed using an sFTP client such as the following:

Fuse App

You can now record directly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with TechSmith's new Fuse App available at the iTunes Store.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Download the Fuse for Camtasia Relay app from the App Store.
  • Launch the App and enter “” as the server. Also, provide your username and password.
  • Select which camera you want to use (front or rear facing).
  • Click “record.” Alternatively, you can select an existing video to upload.
  • Select your destination ("Raidercast" profile) and publish.

If you'd like to see Fuse in action - read this blog post from Garry Brand.

Camtasia Relay File Management

In order to maintain sufficient space for your most recent Camtasia Relay content, at the start of every Winter semester, IT will remove files that have not been accessed for more than two (2) years. For details, please view the Blackboard Policies page

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is software with which you can create, edit recordings, and share recordings. Camtasia studio is not currently available through a campus license, but you can purchase it for a modest price if you want to edit your recordings or create more sophisticated videos. Since Camtasia Studio and Camtasia Relay are both TechSmith products, they work well together. Additionally, you can download a recording which you created with Camtasia Relay and edit it in Camtasia Studio and then submit it back to our Camtasia Relay server which will then let you embed the video into a course in Blackboard. Here is a tip sheet and video which will step you through the process of sharing a video from Camtasia Studio to Camtasia Relay.

Example Relay Recordings

Kevin Dunn - Professor, Culinary Arts 
"How to Make ToFu"
Nancy Forrest - Professor, Mathematics
Garret Brand - Professor, Business
Gary Ebels - Professor, Criminal Justice
"Blackboard and Online Orientation"
Sherry Knoppers - Professor, Nursing
"AD 243"
Mark Dodd - Professor, Computer Apps
"Preparing a Hard Drive"
Judith Dembowske - Professor, Business
"Using Footers in Microsoft Word"
Mursalata Muhammad - Professor, English
"How to use Peer Review in Blackboard"

Grace Schwanda - Professor, Music
"Strophic Form"


Kate Byerwalter - Professor, Psychology
Rick Olsen, - Dean of Arts and Sciences
"Top 10 Advising Mistakes"
Tamara Szost - Professor, Biology

Tim Koets - Professor, Computer Apps


Brianne Lodholtz - Professor, Mathematics
Melanie Forbes - Professor, Mathematics
"MA 104"
Lori Debie - Librarian & Gary Ebels - Professor
"Library Orientation"


“Just recorded my third demo/lecture today. Super easy - I am enjoying this! I'm able to record in class on Friday and then upload to both my hybrid classes. I've already had a student tell me the video was appreciated (and provide constructive feedback).

Thanks for keeping us on the leading edge of technology.”

- Bethann Talsma, MBA, CPS/CAP

“I really like that you record your lectures and allow us to listen to them. They really help me understand the material and the reading.”

“I wish all on-line classes had the You Tube lecture to listen to. It was a great help and you get to know the professor somewhat without meeting him.”

“I enjoy the fact that there is a taped class with power point for us to listen to.”

“A few of the things I liked: The online lecture video - I really liked this, as compared to live lectures, I could pause and rewind at my pace.”

“The lecture has been very helpful to enforce the material and the power points presentations.”

“I really like the powerpoints with the recordings from a class because I prefer taking classes in person but do to my conflicting work schedule i am being forced to take classes online so I really appreciate the videos.”

"I was excited to see that you have utilized the 'record' feature of the PowerPoint presentation! I like the feel of the 'brick and mortar' class with being able to hear you and the interaction with the class, with the mobility of the online portions."

- Online Students


If you have further questions, please contact the Distance Learning & Instructional Technologies Department by emailing

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