Clickers @ GRCC

In April 2012, GRCC adopted the i>clicker2 as the campus standard. This means that GRCC will train and support faculty with the use of this clicker, and students only need to purchase one clicker for their entire career at GRCC.

What are clickers?

Clickers are the common name for "student response system", which can be used during a class lecture to poll students and check for understanding - similar to students raising their hands to vote after a question is posed by the instructor. They can also be used for assessing students through quizzes or tests, or perhaps for attendance.

Faculty Information

What do I need to do if I want to use clickers with my students?

The first thing you need to decide is if you will use the "student purchase" model or the "checkout" model.  GRCC has several clickers available through checkout through the Media Technologies department. 

If you decide to have your students' purchase clickers, i>clicker2 has been established as the college standard through AGC (Academic Governing Council).  Specifically, your students will be purchasing the i>clicker2 clicker.

If you plan to use clickers in an upcoming semester, you will need to:

  1. Inform the GRCC Bookstore of which course sections you plan to require the students to purchase clickers and provide them the correct ISBN number which is: 1429280476  (Note:  These clickers can also be purchased at Brian's Books or online at sites such as
  2. Contact Media Technologies to reserve an i>clicker receiver for the semester.
  3. Add information in your syllabus to prepare and inform your students of how to purchase the clickers.
  4. Provide training to your students on how to use the clicker in the classroom.

How can I use clickers in the classroom?

Clickers can be used to increase student engagement and class participation in a classroom.  They are useful in providing opportunities for checking for understanding as well as immediate feedback during a lecture.  Some example uses of clickers include:
  • asking multiple choice, true/false, numeric, and alphanumeric questions
  • attendance records
  • polling
  • voting
  • short quizzes (grades can be imported into Blackboard)
For additional ideas about how clickers can be utilized in the classroom, the following web sites contain additional helpful information:  

Additional faculty training on how to use clickers in teaching will be available through the Center for Teaching Excellence throughout the year.  Assistance is also available through the Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department at:

What do I do if something doesn't work?

As an instructor, you will be the primary resource for preparing and training your  students. They will need assistance in knowing where to purchase, how to register their clicker, and how to use these devices in the classroom.  If there are issues or problems with the technology, the IT Help Desk will provide assistance to faculty.  Training for faculty (not students) is offered through the Center for Teaching Excellence.

The most common problem reported with i>clicker is the student registration process.  If students enter the incorrect number, their clicker will be unable to be located within your course.  This is usually solved by re-registering the clicker.

Is there a web version?

If students use a mobile device or laptop, they can purchase a web>clicker version online version rather than a hardware based clicker.  (Please note: Each instructor has the option of determining whether they will allow web>clickers to be used in their course. At this time, we highly encourage that all instructors require students to use the i>clicker2 for the most reliable clicker experience.)

What are some other options for student response in the classroom or for faculty teaching in a computer lab?

i>clicker is the campus standard at GRCC and support is provided to faculty and students in the use of this system at the college.  There are web based solutions that could also be used for student response.  For faculty teaching in computer labs, theses are great options for students!

These solutions are not hardware based (do not require a student to purchase a clicker) and provide flexibility for students to use the computer in the lab, their laptops, or mobile devices.  

Socrative is FREE and Polleverywhere is also FREE for up to 40 responses.  These solutions allow students to respond through their laptops or their mobile devices in a similar way as how they would use a clicker.

Some additional applications include:

Student Information

Where do I get a clicker?

Some instructors require you to purchase a clicker and these can be purchased in the GRCC Bookstore, Brian's Books, or other online retailers such as The i>clicker2 is a one-time purchase (ISBN 1429280476) and there are no registration costs. Once you purchase an i>clicker2, it is good for as long as you are at GRCC, and you may be able to use it at other institutions where i>clickers are used.

Can I sell back my clicker?

The bookstore will buy back your clicker at the end of the semester just like a textbook.

How do I register my clicker?

You can register your clicker right through Blackboard.  More details about how to do this will be posted on this website and shared by your instructor in their course.

Is there a web version?

If you use a mobile device or laptop, you can purchase a web>clicker online version rather than a hardware based clicker.  (Please note: You must check with your instructor before purchasing the web>clicker to ensure that they allow this option. If not all of your instructors elect to allow the web>clicker option in their course, you may be required to purchase a standard i>clicker2 in addition to the web>clicker.)