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403(b)/457 Deferred Compensation/Mutual Funds Becky Bailey
Adjunct Benefits Maria Herrera-Belmares
Amy Robinson
Adjunct Faculty Contact Lydia Cruz
Adjunct Pay Rates Jim Fox
Lydia Cruz
AFLAC (American Family Health) Maria Herrera-Belmares
Amy Robinson
APSS- Alliance of Professional Support          Contract Administration Christine Coon
Beneficiary Changes Maria Herrera-Belmares
Amy Robinson
Bereavement Leaves HR Generalist
Campus Police Contract Administration Christine Coon
CEBA - College Employee Benefits Association      Contract Administration Jim Fox
COBRA Administration Amy Robinson
Compensable Time Off HR Generalist
Complaint Process HR Generalist
Contingency Account Number Changes Angie Ramirez
Contingency Employment Angie Ramirez
Contingency Pay Rates Angie Ramirez
Contracts HR Generalist
Corrective Action HR Generalist
Dental/Vision Reimbursements Maria Herrera-Belmares
Amy Robinson
Disability Leave HR Generalist
Discrimintation Issues HR Generalist
eLearning (Skillport) and                                 Compliance Training Jessica Berens                                  Jennifer Kelly                                   
Employee Assistance Program HR Generalist
Employee Group Newsletters HR Generalist
Employee Records HR Generalist
Employee Relation Concerns HR Generalist
Employee Report Requests Rachel Paulucci                  Angie Ramirez
Employment Verification Brenda Cary
Equal Employment Opportunity HR Generalist
Ethics Hotline Kathy Keating
Deb Sanders
Exit Interviews HR Generalist
External Employer Job Postings Student Employment Services
External Employer                                                                        On Campus Recruiting Haley Spencer
External Online Application Penni Weninger
Faculty Absences/Timesheets Becky Bailey
Faculty Association Contract Administration Jim Fox
Faculty Generalist Jim Fox
Final Salary Affidavits/MIP/Retirement Becky Bailey
Fitness Programs Julie Otte
Flexible Spending Accounts/Dependent Care Accounts Maria Herrera-Belmares
Amy Robinson
Garnishments/Tax Levy's/Friend of the Court Rachel Paulucci
General Leaves HR Generalist
Golden Raiders Christine Coon
Harassment at Work HR Generalist
Holidays HR Generalist
Human Capital Report Rachel Paulucci
Internal Posting Process Penni Weninger
Job Descriptions HR Generalist
Job Postings Penni Weninger
Job Reclassification HR Generalist
Jury Duty HR Generalist
Layoffs HR Generalist
Leave of Absences HR Generalist
Legal Shield Brenda Cary
Madison National Life Insurance Maria Herrera-Belmares                Amy Robinson                                      
Madison National LTD (Long Term Disability Insurance) Maria Herrera-Belmares    Amy Robinson                                      
Maternity Leave HR Generalist
MEBS (Michigan Employee Benefits) Maria Herrera-Belmares
Amy Robinson
Meet & Confer Generalist Christine Coon
Meet & Confer Handbook Jessica Berens
MESA(Unemployment Compensation) Becky Bailey
Brenda Cary
MESSA Maria Herrera-Belmares
Amy Robinson
Military Leave HR Generalist
Mortgage Verifications Brenda Cary
Nepotism HR Generalist
New Employee Orientation Julie Otte
Non-GRCC Employee Setup Christine Davis
On Campus Student Employment Chris Allen
Overtime HR Generalist
Pay Check Distributions/Direct Deposits Brenda Cary
Payroll Deduction Brenda Cary
Performance Development Discussion HR Generalist
Personal Data Changes Christine Davis
Priority Health Maria Herrera-Belmares
Amy Robinson
Relocation Resources HR Generalist
Resignations HR Generalist
Retirement (Tax Deferred Payments/Service Years/Purchase) Becky Bailey
Sick Pay (Short Term Disability) HR Generalist
Student Employee Payroll Brenda Cary
Student Employee Employment Verifications Lisa Snider
Subpoenas HR Generalist
Tax Changes Rachel Paulucci
Uniform Program HR Generalist
Vacation/Sick/Comp Time Banks Becky Bailey
Rachel Paulucci
West Michigan Health Insurance Plan (WMHIP) Maria Herrera-Belmares
Amy Robinson
Workers Compensation Maria Herrera-Belmares