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Campus Event Scheduling - 25Live

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make changes to an event already scheduled?

Contact master scheduler by phone 616-234-3715 or email

Is it possible to select more than one room when filling out the Webviewer Request Form?

Request additional rooms in the Comments to Scheduler field or type in additional rooms in the 'Other' field found under Space Preference.

I have placed a check mark on all of the resources that I need for my event on the CWEST Webviewer Request Form.  Does this mean the scheduler will coordinate these resources for me?

The CWEST Webviewer Request Form is only to help the scheduler find an appropriate room for your event. You are responsible to contact appropirate departments to order resources needed for your event.

What is the difference between what I put in the Comments field compared to what I put into the Details field on the Webviewer Request Form?

The event form Comments to Scheduler field is any additional information you would like to give to the scheduler.

Information entered into the General Description of Event field will be viewed the Web. In this field you might add information about parking, entrance fees, event contact information, speaker bio, etc.