GRCC Action Projects

AQIP Action Projects are part of the annual cycle of accreditation for AQIP schools.  Each September, schools provide Action Project Updates to AQIP on the progress of current projects, and AQIP provides written feedback on these reports. In addition to the current projects, GRCC has successfully completed a number of AQIP Action Projects

Current Action Projects:

  1. First Scholars Project: Increasing completion rates for first-time/full-time students
    Contact: Raynard Ross
  2. SARS - Early Alert & Scheduling System
    Contact: John Cowles
  3. Guided Pathways Initiative
    Contact: Tina Hoxie
  4. Implementing a Zero Based Budgeting Model for Student and Academic Affairs Contact: Lisa Freiburger

 Completed Action Projects:

  • College Generated Graduation
  • ​From the street to the "right" seat
  • Improving student support systems from street-to-seat
  • Raider pride: GRCC values in action
  • The Raider Learning System
  • Improving student learning through curriculum development, assessment, and revision
  • Student Success by Deliberate Design (Academic Foundations Project)
  • First Year Experience Project.
  • Integrating GRCC’s Performance Management Systems with Employee Development Systems
  • Expanding Distance Learning
  • Improving the Adjunct Faculty Experience
  • College Success Program
  • Pathways to Employment
  • Strengthening the Infrastructure of Distance - Delivered Education to Promote Student Success
  • Understanding the needs of the Part Time Student
    Contact: Donna Kragt