Business & Financial Services
Expand Zero-Based Budgeting to all Academic & Student Affairs cost centers. (Victoria Janowiak)

Complete the Zero Based Budgeting process/review for all Academic and Student Affairs area.

Business & Financial Services
Music Building and Preschool projects (Victoria Janowiak)

Maintain accountability for the various sources of funding for the Music Building and Preschool capital projects.

Business & Financial Services
Upgrade Financials to 9.2 (Victoria Janowiak)

Successfully update PeopleSoft Financials to version 9.2

Campus PD
Body Worn and In Car Video Cameras (Rebecca Whitman)

Obtain body cameras for each officer that fits the needs of the college environment, along with a compatible upgrade to our current in car system. These two systems should work together.

Campus PD
Coffee with a Cop (Rebecca Whitman)

To provide an opportunity for our students and employees to meet monthly with a member of Campus Police (not normally the Chief) to discuss issues of concern. These issues could be specific to GRCC or something facing our community or even wider reaching concerns.

Campus PD
Convert to Electronic UD-10 and Electronic Citations (Rebecca Whitman)

Convert our crash reporting and citation process from paper and pen to Electronic format.

Dean Wrkfrce Dev
TAACCCT Michigan Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing Grant (MCAM) Implementation (Julie Parks) (Billy Pink)

Ensure compliance with the outcomes of the Department of labor Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant program for the Michigan Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing (TAACCCT M-CAM). Ensure that GRCC provides overall grant lead for Foundational Skills and Welding alignment among the coalition schools. Work with employers in the manufacturing sector to ensure programs are meeting their workforce needs. Expand relationships with Michigan Works agencies to break down barriers between the consortium, the College and agencies to benefit west Michigan. Provide leadership to the consortium to align programs and processes across the state to meet the grant outcomes.

Enroll Ctr & Admissions
ACT and SAT changes (Lori Cook) (Lori Cook)

Set new parameters for the SAT implementation and prepare systems and communications for the ACT/SAT change.

Renovation of the Music Building (Thomas Smith)

Renovate and upgrade the Music building infrastructure, classrooms, practice rooms, auditorium, and choral room.

Ford Fldhse
Community Outreach (Rick VanderVeen)

The goal of this project is to attempt to enhance the number of community partnerships shared between the Ford Fieldhouse and the community at large to ensure that we are serving the needs of as many groups as possible to use our services while making real connections for our students seeking work in our community.

Ford Fldhse
Enhancing Interdepartmental Relations (Rick VanderVeen)

The goal of this project is to help the three departments working within the Ford Fieldhouse--Athletics, Exercise Science and the Ford Fieldhouse, to promote synergy, similar to what once existed in the facility between those groups, which will allow each department to better serve their target group of students and community members.

Ford Fldhse
Online Payments (Rick VanderVeen)

The goal of this project is to begin accepting online payments for ARC classes hosted at the pool and for health club memberships. This is a continuation of a project from last year which had included accepting credit card payments in-house, which we now do in both concessions and at the window.

Ford Fldhse
Transportation (Rick VanderVeen)

Monitor the performance of the newly developed transportation system to provide useful data to help guide the College's decision making process as the college moves forward with polciy regarding student and staff transportation.

Genl Counl/Lab Rel
Negotiate fiscally responsible and operationally sustainable faculty successor Collective Bargaining Agreement (Katherine Keating)

Represent and achieve BOT priorities in collective bargaining with the GRCC Faculty Association

Genl Counl/Lab Rel
Negotiate fiscally responsible collective bargaining agreement with APSS (Katherine Keating)

Complete a multi year fiscally responsible collective bargaining agreement with APSS.

Human Resources
Automated time sheet entry (eliminating manual data entry) (Catherine Kubiak)

Complete the time sheet project. While our customers complete an electronic time sheet and it is routed through to supervisors and then HR, the manual processes remain in place after receipt in HR.

Human Resources
Create new HR site for Retirement Planning (Catherine Kubiak)

We need a site that our employees can access when they begin to consider retirement. We envision checklists for planning, links for information, and HR contact information.

Human Resources
Website clean up (Catherine Kubiak)

Clean up and re-organize our HR website. Human Resources includes HR, staff development, payroll, and benefits. We hope to reduce clicks for our customers and make our pages more user friendly.

Combining Three External Reports into One: The Common Data Set - A Meilof (Donna Kragt)

The Common Data Set (CDS) template (or sections from it) is used by several publishers, including the College Board Survey of Colleges, Peterson¿s Survey of Undergraduate Institutions, and Wintergreen Orchard House. GRCC¿s IRP office submits all three of those annual surveys, and each must be submitted at different times of the year. I would estimate that, taken together, they take at least two full work weeks. Furthermore, since I do them separately, data don¿t always match from one to the other. I propose to complete the CDS every year and use the data from that to quickly complete the other three surveys. All three publishers accept the CDS data file emailed directly to them, eliminating the need for me to enter GRCC¿s data, field by field, onto the publishers¿ Web sites. After completing one cycle of the CDS, I image that process will take days rather than weeks, and the other three surveys will take hours rather than days.

Course Evaluation Video Communication for Students and Faculty - D Bening (Donna Kragt)

The purpose of this project is to create a common place where students and faculty can access information regarding Course Evaluations in a video format.

Investigate alternate enrollment projection models - D Kragt (Donna Kragt)

The purpose of this project is to investigate multiple models for predicting enrollment and determine which model may provide the best "fit" for GRCC.

Information Technology Services
Classrooms Digital Ready (David Anderson)

Upgrade projectors and switching gear to accommodate digital signals from new device Champion: Mark Vogel

Information Technology Services
Create a process to track equipment from purchase to disposal (David Anderson)

Create a systematic process for the purchasing, deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of IT assets in a cost effective manner.

Information Technology Services
Develop an employee retention & succession plan (David Anderson)

Staffing - with so many of the IT staff able to retire in the next couple of years and high staff turnover in critical areas IT, it is imperative to do succession planning. In order to attract and retain top IT talent, a staffing model must be developed to set clear goals and expectations, provide networking opportunities, training and professional development Champion: David Anderson

Information Technology Services
EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) Card Reader Implementation (David Anderson)

Replace the college's credit card magnetic strip readers with new EMV credit card chip readers. EMV chip card transactions improve security against fraud compared to magnetic stripe card transactions that rely on the holder's signature and visual inspection of the card Tied to Critical Issue #4

Information Technology Services
Implement Forms Solution (David Anderson)

Procure and implement a PeopleSoft integrated forms solution. This would allow creation of authenticated forms that are able to use PeopleSoft data in real time, as well as workflow.--and, where applicable, to update PeopleSoft data. Forms would be able to be created with a much smaller commitment of analyst and customer time than our current frameworks, enabling the accelerated completion of projects touching all functional areas of GRCC, including but not limited to Human Resources, Financials, Student Financial Aid, and Student Records.

Information Technology Services
Implement a Framework for Information Security (David Anderson)

Information Technology Services
Improve the I.T. customer service experience (David Anderson)

Improve Customer Satisfaction through the implementation of a formalized system to analyze customer data, feedback and suggestions. Champion of Customer Satisfaction & Monitoring System: Kurt Meinders and Customer Support Team B. Analysis of IT Staffing Levels & Training to enhance customer satisfaction (Tied to Critical Issues #2, #3, #4) Champion: David Anderson

Information Technology Services
PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade including tools (David Anderson)

Information Technology Services
Version Control (Phire) (David Anderson)

Implement a robust change/version management system for the College's PeopleSoft applications.

Lakeshore Campus
Financial Aid Fridays (David Selmon)

To work with students to ensure that a financial resource is identified prior to the tuition due date.

Print & Graphics
Production Staff Skill sets for Digital Production (Danelle Sedore)

Assure all Digital Production Staff can perform the duties as described in the job descriptions for team support among staff in that area. The supports student success with quality print material for student classrooms and student recruiting materials.

EProcurement (Mansfield Matthewson)

Continue to pursue and promote paperless Purchasing operation - EPOs, bidding, registration, reverse auctioning, etc.

Supplier Inclusion (Mansfield Matthewson)

Continue to train BCOs and Assistants on supplier inclusion issues, continue to monitor and measure, ensure equity in GRCC spend.

Staff Development
Compliance Training - eLearning assigning, tracking, reporting (Jessica Berens)

Increase the number of GRCC employees receiving and completing Title IX Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment Awareness Training, Ethics Monitoring, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention and requiring participation in online or face-to-face training for all employees. And tracking and reporting on the completion data in an effort to increase completion rates.

Staff Development
Enhance New Employee "Experience" (Jessica Berens)

This is currently the 2015 Leadership Institutes group stretch project. Through this enhanced mentorship program, new employees will have more frequent interactions with mentees. Gaining more knowledge of college practice and transition into our community. Should the pilot program be approved and implemented, Staff Development will work to achieve each objective. This includes increase efficiency and productivity (through frequent interactions with mentee), build connections and community, and build a mentor pool (mentee becomes the mentor). Ultimately, this can have a position impact on employee morale and retention.

Staff Development
Track, monitor and provide consistent data for all learning opportunities for faculty and staff. (Jessica Berens)

Track, monitor and provide consistent data for all internal and external learning opportunities for faculty and staff in Administer Training and compliance trainings in Skillport. Ideally this would mean import data from Skillport to Peoplesoft and having Peoplesoft be the primary database where the professional development summary is housed. If this process is not possible, then creating consistent reports both in Skillport and Peoplesoft.

Stud Employ Serv
Implementation of Time Clock Plus software (Luanne Wedge)

The goal of this project is to implement a new electronic timesheet software for student employees, and to train supervisors/student employees on the new system.

Student Life & Conduct
Develop Student Life content for Knowledge Management database (Champion: Brune Garcia) (Tina Hoxie)

To develop Student Life information in writing to improve service to students by making our knowledge more widely known/accessible. Once the information is documented, it will need to be circled for review and feedback, updated and then populated into the system.

Student Support Services
TRIO/SSS Recruitment and Retention (Victoria Powers)

First generation students are high risk to drop out of college and continue the cycle of poverty in which their families live. Often times, these students are not adequately connected to the resources that can help them because they are unaware resources exist or that they are in need of additional resources. In addition, this population is less apt to connect to the resources when they are discovered. SSS has struggled with both limited program awareness (campus wide) and serving a sometimes hard to serve population. As a result, we are often scrambling to find students to serve. This grant cycle (2015-2020) we have increased the numbers served to 475. We will be strategic and admit more students who will benefit the most by our program services. Of particular interest are: AFP students, ESL (levels 3 and 4) students, certificate, and associate degree majors. The goals of this project include; identifying target students, direct outreach about program to target students, and enroll target students reaching our 475 mark by July of each academic year.