GRCC END: Transfer Pathways

Counseling & Career
As part of CAP 3.2.1, Development of Advising and Transfer Center (Lynnae Selberg)

The goal of this project is to develop the new Advising and Transfer Center. A centralized transfer center will include physical space, as well as enhancing the web presence for students regarding transfer resources. We will expand advising services and work with classroom faculty as they take on a larger role with advising. As advising will become a role for faculty teaching CLS 100, we will work to restructure this course and provide training for those teaching this critical first year experience course.

Dean of ISIS
Support articulated and general pre-majors, including finalizing course equivalency work (Patricia Trepkowski)

Clarify the relationship with 4 year colleges based on the experiences of the past two years and establish a plan for the continued development of articulated pre-majors and general pre-majors. Complete the baseline course equivalency work that facilitates the development of programs.

Dean's Office - School of Arts and Sciences
Lead CAP 3.1.3 (William Faber)

Improved transfer pathways. It's my hope that Chris Johnston, the new AD for Evaluation/Hiring, will be leading this work, and Melissa Polanco support these efforts, as well. It will be part of each of their performance evaluations. o Continued development of premajors and articulated premajors within the academic departments and programs, o Development and dissemination of materials that explain and facilitate this process with academic departments (e.g., FAQS, best-practices documentation, process flowcharting, annotated Curriculog examples, etc.) o Development, maintenance and tracking of Departmental Advising and Transfer Plans o Increasing awareness among faculty and staff about available college resources thought to enhance student transfer rates.

Dean's Office - School of Arts and Sciences
Lead Transfer CAP (William Faber)

Mike Vargo will lead this team. The team will continue specific intervention projects begun in 2013-16, and expand its efforts to include strengthening our transfer model and creating new opportunities for transfer for our students. Mike will be the champion of the Transfer End of the Strategic Plan and, therefore, oversee progress on all CAPs associated with that end. Amy Kirkbride will support this work, and this project will be part of Mike's and Amy's performance evaluation.