GRCC END: Workforce Pathways

Dean Workforce Development
Accelerated New Program Development (Amy Koning & Julie Parks) Develop and implement an accelerated process for new program development in response to local, regional and national demands in Workforce Development. (Billy Pink)

- Respond to company and community partners in the preparation of programs that prepare a future workforce 
- Assure current and relevant programming for students preparing to enter into the workforce
- Provide the opportunity for GRCC to be a leading educational institution with respect to new and innovative programs

Dean Workforce Development
CAP: 2.2.2: Benchmark and create processes to support the expansion and creation of career learning experiences integrated into curriculum and student experiences. (Amy Koning) (Billy Pink)

The purpose of this College Action Project 2.2.2 is to benchmark and document the current processes by which current career learning experiences exist at Grand Rapids Community College. This document will provide the roadmap to potential new experiences that can be easily adapted in other occupational areas of the College.

Dean Workforce Development
Connect employer driven employability or job readiness skills with GRCC institutional learning outcomes in programs and classes (Julie Parks) (Billy Pink)

Identify employability skills standards for occupational programs at GRCC and west Michigan employer requirements and ensure a process where those skills are reflected in GRCC programs/classes. This project is aligned with CAP 2.1.1 and CAP 1.4.1.

Increase the use and efficacy of Career Coach on Campus and in the Community - M Champion (Donna Kragt)

This project would more thoroughly integrate the use of Career Coach with campus and outreach processes currently in place. It would provide venues for Career Coach that would touch students and potential students who are undecided about a career path.

Student Employment Services
Implementation of Handshake System (Luanne Wedge)

The goal of this project is to continue to implement the new computerized system Handshake, which will improve the quality of services that we are able to offer to our student, alumni, and area employers. In addition to begin utilizing the program to improve our current processes, we will also be involved in training other GRCC staff members about the program and its capabilities.