How does it work?

If your company is planning on expanding and adding new jobs in Michigan, this program can provide the flexible funding to meet an assortment of employee training and development needs specifically designed for your business. The approval process requires that the employer sign a preliminary agreement with GRCC prior to hiring qualified employees. The college will then work with the employer to develop a detailed training plan and coordinate the implementation of training for those employees.

Your company will then enter into an agreement with GRCC and comply with the terms of the contract, per the GRCC Board of Trustees approval. GRCC will file the final agreement with the State of Michigan Department of Treasury. As a re-payment mechanism, the employer will capture the state payroll tax from the new jobs of the employees trained under the program, and will redirect the withholding to GRCC, instead of the state. This process will continue until the cost of training has been repaid and the contract tenets have been met.

GRCC will work with your business to implement your training plan and administer the project throughout the contract period. Funds can be used to pay for any direct training expenses, including the following: basic adult education; jobrelated instruction; skills assessment; training equipment; materials and supplies; training services of GRCC; testing and evaluation of employees; customized or general instruction at a training facility selected by the employer; reimbursement of training travel costs for employees or company trainers; college tuition, books, and fees; and services of a private trainer.

Key Points of Michigan New Jobs Training Program

  • GRCC will provide State of Michigan assistance to fund training for newly created positions through the Michigan New Jobs Training Program.
  • State payroll taxes will be diverted from these new positions to repay GRCC.
  • Flexible guidelines allow for a variety of training in most industries.

About GRCC's Workforce Training

For more than 20 years, GRCC has been West Michigan's first choice for employee training. We work with companies of all sizes and types to provide a variety of training geared toward improving quality and profitability, as well as employee and customer satisfaction. After taking the time to assess your requirements, GRCC's Workforce Training staff is able to tailor a program to meet your training needs. In addition to designing curriculum that achieves measurable outcomes, we deliver training in a way that fits your schedule to meet the demands of your workforce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Workforce Training will develop customized learning applications in both credit and non-credit formats.

Through consultation, you will be able to determine which learning approach is appropriate to meet your needs. Our services do not end when we identify the problem. We work with you to design and implement the right solutions that lead to successful outcomes.