president's office sign

Welcome to Grand Rapids Community College!

You have made a big step toward your goal of higher education by coming to this college and putting the resources of Grand Rapids Community College behind you. We look forward to showing you how GRCC works.

It is an exciting time to be at GRCC. Last year we celebrated our centennial anniversary — 100 years of serving the educational and workforce readiness needs of the community. We also set the foundation to continue the tradition of excellence that so many have worked so diligently — and with unparalleled passion — to establish in the Grand Rapids community.

We offer accessible, affordable education and hold the door open to all who know that education is the key to our success, both as individuals and as a community. Our mission here is simple: We are here to teach you in a way so that when you leave GRCC, you have the knowledge and skills to be an outstanding transfer student or an outstanding candidate for an employer. That is what we do.

We prepare our students to take roles that strengthen our community when they leave here, ensuring that they are ready to step onto the world stage because the interface between local and global is quickly disappearing.

Grand Rapids is part of our name, but so is “community,” and the community we serve deserves the best from its community college. And while we all recognize our local city, town, and county boundaries, those distinctions are being melded into the West Michigan community. We are evolving — and it’s a good evolution. One college, many communities — that’s how we work.

A century ago, we started in one building. Now we have a campus on the lakeshore, as well as satellite sites in Grandville, Rockford, Lowell, and Byron Center. This year, we will serve more than 29,500 students and for each of those individuals who finds a place in our state’s educated workforce, prosperity follows for our community.

Community colleges have a distinct role among our country’s educational institutions. We need to be an integral part of the lives of the people we serve. You are taking a step into the future, but for the moment you are also in college — take a little time to join a group or student activity. Become an active fan at GRCC’s nationally ranked athletic events, treat yourself to some award-winning cuisine at one of our student-run restaurants, or volunteer in your community through one of our many service learning initiatives. It’s all a part of the GRCC experience.

Again, welcome to GRCC, the college that has been one of the best choices in higher education in our community for more than 100 years.  If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. I look forward to seeing you on campus and in our community.


Steven C. Ender, Ed.D.
President, Grand Rapids Community College