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A group of seniors

Encore Careers in Healthcare

The Grand Rapids Community College Encore Careers Project, with funding from the MetLife Foundation and Civic Ventures, was a pilot program which ran from July 2009 to July 2010 designed to prepare persons 50 and older for entry level careers in the growing health care field. Although the Encore Careers Program is no longer being offered, it is our intention to maintain this web page as a direct link to helpful resources for those 50 and older seeking an Encore Career, and employers looking to benefit from the mature worker.


Dr. Harry Moody - 50 Plus Workers: Making Age an Asset (event)

Dr. Harry Moody - Seniors & Learning: A Conversation (interview)

Mature Persons in the Workplace is a 23 minute video produced in 2007 by the Older Learner Center and Media Technologies of Grand Rapids Community College. This video explores the myths and realities of employing older persons in the contemporary workplace. Filmed in a variety of employment settings using interviews of employers and employees, the video demonstrates the value of training mature workers to excel in a range of skilled, high-tech jobs.

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The Fifty-Plus Workforce (.pdf)

Fact Sheet for those working in Employment Services

Fact Sheet for Job Training Instructors