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Give to the Older Learner Center Scholarship Fund!

OLDER LEARNER CENTER SCHOLARSHIP FUND   An Older Learner Center Scholarship Fund has been developed within the Grand Rapids Community College Foundation as a way to provide financial support to older learners (those 45 and older) who wish to participate in the educational offerings of the Grand Rapids Community College Older Learner Center.  This fund also provides limited program development and support enabling the Older Learner Center to expand its educational programming and offerings to older learners.   WAYS TO CONTRIBUTE   Cash A cash gift is the most popular way to give because of its simplicity.  Cash contributions can be a one-time gift, or pledged over a period of time in any denominations, large or small.   Appreciated Property Giving stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate will provide greater tax benefits than a cash gift of equivalent value, especially if they have a low cost basis.  First, you'll receive a charitable deduction for the full market value.  Then, by giving to the GRCC Older Learner Center, you avoid capital gains tax - money you would have to pay if you liquidated the property.   Wills or Trusts The majority of planned gifts received are a result of charitable bequests.  Such gifts enable you to make significant contributions that may or may not have been possible during your lifetime.  The most obvious advantage to remembering the Older Learner Center Scholarship Fund in your will is that you reduce estate taxes while supporting older learner programs and activities through Grand Rapids Community College.   Estate Planning A planned gift is a gift made or promised from the donor's assets or estate.  You may wish to include the Older Learner Center in your estate planning.  This commitment may occur in any number of ways including lump sum or pledged over a period of years.   Questions regarding any of these giving options should be directed to Mike Faber at (616) 234-3483.   REMEMBER Your contribution is tax deductible and also qualifies for a Michigan Income Tax Credit.  All donors will receive receipts from the GRCC Foundation.  For more information contact Mike Faber in the Grand Rapids Community College Older Learner Center at (616) 234-3483.   DONATE NOW Click on the link and chose "Older Learner Center Scholarship Fund" from the drop down menu to make an immediate cash donation using your credit card.  Thank You!