New Student Orientation

Fall 2016 Orientation:

In Grand Rapids:

The traditional orientation sessions are now full. If you are trying to start for the fall semester, please select an express orientation from the list below. Due to the nature of the express format, we will not be able to cover all the information that is typically covered in a standard  four hour session. Please make sure you log into your blackboard account and access the Orientation course located in your "My Course List" to supplment the information you will receive at the express orientation.

Express Orientations:

Thursday, August 25th:   1 pm | 3 pm | 5 pm

Friday, August 26th:  1 pm

Saturday, August 27th:  10 am | 11 am | 12 pm | 1 pm

**Monday, August 29th:  9 am11 am  |  1 pm  | 3 pm

**Tuesday, August 30th:  9 am11 am  |  1 pm  | 3 pm

**Wednesday, August 31st: 9 am11 am  |  1 pm  | 3 pm

**Please note that the Fall semester begins on Monday, August 29th. If you attend a session after the semester begins, please know that class availability is very limited and tuition will be due by midnight the day you register.


In Holland:

Friday, August 26 at 9:00am at the Thompson M-TEC


Dual Enrollment

This orientation is not intended for Dual Enrollment students. Click here for dual enrollment orientation information.


If you need to reschedule a session, simply register again for a new session. We will use your last registration as the session you plan on attending.  Previous registrations will be canceled.  Please watch your confirmation to make sure the date/time is the session you picked.  If you need to cancel your session altogether, please call (616) 234-3300.  If your session is at the Lakeshore campus, please call (616) 234-2200 to reschedule.


GRCC strives to be more than ADA compliant. We strive to be accessible and welcoming to students of all abilities. If you need any assistance or accommodation, please contact us and let us know (Teri Dilworth at 616-234-4140). In addition, the GRCC's Disability Support Services are available to assist students. Visit for more details.


Please bring a photo ID with you to your orientation session.  Standard orientation sessions last approximately 4 hours in length and express orientations last approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.  You will be given a parking pass to park free on campus the day of your session.  Watch for email confirmations and reminders with other important information.