Love, Loss, Violence & Forgiveness: Student Conference and Academic Advising

October 15 & 16, 2014: Academic Advising

October 16, 2014: Student Conference


Conference: First Floor White Hall

October 16, 2014

Love, Loss, Violence, and Forgiveness


9:30 - 11:00am: Forgiveness

This session will explore forgiveness; what it is, what it isn’t, and why it is hard to do. Participants will also be introduced to the effect forgiving or not forgiving has on the human body.


11:15 - 12:45pm: Understanding Intimate Partner Violence

Have you ever wondered if you are involved in a healthy relationship? Are women the only ones affected by Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)? In this session you will gain an understanding of the signs of IPV, an awareness for those suffering from IPV, and tools to assess the health of your relationship.


1:00 - 2:30pm: Grief and Loss

This session will introduce the four Phases of Bereavement and the four Tasks of Mourning. Additional content will cover the myths and realities of grief in addition to how to help someone who is experiencing grief and loss. This presentation will provide both a grounding in theory as well as a practical understanding of this often times difficult topic.


2:45 - 4:15pm: LGTBQAA – Sexuality and making sense of the endless letters and spellings!

This presentation will provide a brief history of LGBT including individual and cultural judgments and preconceived ideas about the LGBT community. Specific questions will be address such as how ones sexuality plays into identity development and some of the crucial milestones? Additional content will cover why it is important for people to "identify" themselves and whether relationships with family and others are different. Ample time will be provided for anonymous questions.


All session are free and open to any student at GRCC. There is no need to register, but sessions will be filled on a first come – first served bases. Arrive early to assure a seat in the session. Refreshments will be served.


Advising: Third Floor White Hall

October 15 & 16, 2014

The Psychology Department will be holding one-on-one academic advising for students majoring in psychology, social work, gerontology, or those currently enrolled in PY-097.

During this time you can meet with a professor in the Psychology Department to:

  • Develop a schedule for the winter 2015 semester.
  • Plan for your future classes.
  • Determine what classes you need to graduate.
  • Decide which classes are best for your transfer or career goals.
  • Ask questions about career options in psychology, social work, counseling, gerontology, or related fields.

Please talk to your professor or see the information in the Psychology Department for specific advising times during these two days.


If you cannot attend the drop-in sessions, you can make an individual appointment to meet with a faculty member depending on your major.

Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, Gerontology –

Kate Byerwalter, PhD
301 C, White Hall

Frank Conner, PhD
301 B, White Hall

Judith Jankowski, EdS
301 A, White Hall

Sophie Rubin, PhD
Assistant Professor
301 D, White Hall

Students in PY-097

Sandra Lancaster, PhD
Assistant Professor
303 B, White Hall

Ennis Young, MSW
Assistant Professor
301 E, White Hall