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Parking Is Free At All Regional Centers/Sites!

Quality College Courses at a Location Near You!

The mission of the Regional Centers/Sites at Grand Rapids Community College is to expand quality academic, student support services, and campus operations deemed necessary to off-campus locations.

This website contains an overview of the locations, FAQ, inclement weather guidelines, specific semester dates, and many other details. We are committed to maintaining instructional excellence at all our learning locations.

There are no GRCC course offerings at our Regional Site partners for the summer semester.  All summer semester courses are offered at the GR Campus, downtown GR, or Lakeshore Campus, Holland.

Summer 2016 Enrollment Dates

February 9                                   12 Credits/Higher Earned
February 11                                 0-11 Credits/Higher Earned
February 16                                 New Students

Summer Semester Tuition Due Dates

  • Tuition and fees are due on April 13, 2016
Date of Enrollment Tuition is Due
Before or on April 13 April 13
April 14 - 20 April 20
April 21 - 27 April 27
April 28 - May 4 May 4
May 5 - 13 Due by midnight the day you sign up for classes
  • Between May 5 - 13, tuition and fees are due by midnight the day you sign up for classes


Summer Semester Start Date

This is one session with varying start/end dates, e.g., 3-week; 6-week; 10-week; 12-week sessions   

  • Monday, May 2              Restricted Start Date – Education, Dental, Radiology Technology, & Nursing (14 week sessions); 42-week Counseling (7-week session)
  • Monday, May 9              Day and Night Classes begin
  • Monday, May30             Holiday (Memorial Day)
  • Monday, July 4              Holiday
  • Monday, Aug.15            End of Summer Session



Students who take classes at Regional Center/Sites can expect:

  • The same academic calendar as the main campus
  • Facilities that enhance the learning experience
  • Instructors to be professional in conduct and appearance
  • The same level of academic excellence
  • Free parking !!!!


Faculty members are identified, supervised and evaluated by the Associate Dean of the Department offering the course. Faculty who work at Regional Centers/Sites make a commitment to serve students to the best of their ability and provide a quality academic experience.

Student Services

Regional Centers/Sites will provide student support services as needed. Academic advising, tutoring, counseling, registration, and referrals are available at the downtown campus or the GRCC website.


Tobacco Free Policy

Grand Rapids Community College is committed to protecting the health of students, staff, faculty and guests by prohibiting the use and/or sale of tobacco products on all GRCC properties. No person shall use, chew, smoke or sell tobacco products at any time or in any place on GRCC properties, including sidewalks within the boundaries of any GRCC campus. This policy shall extend to all properties owned, operated, leased or maintained by GRCC, including all Regional Centers, M-TEC properties and the McCabe-Marlowe House.