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What is an internship at GRCC?

An internship is a course which is a supervised, professional experience, guided by learning outcomes, that builds on and enhances previous coursework, and allows students to make connections in the professional fields they are considering for career paths, and which provides employers with an opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.

GRCC internships are capstone experiences and are generally a one-time, one semester, paid work experience.

Who benefits from an internship program?

The student intern, the employer, and the community all benefit.

How do interns benefit an employer?

Internship programs can:

  • Create and strengthen connections to GRCC to ensure that student skill sets are aligned with employer needs.
  • Provide a pipeline of talent to an organization. 
  • Be an inexpensive recruiting tool.
  • Allow employers the opportunity to evaluate the work of prospective employees.
  • Help to be a source for the recruitment of a diverse work force.
  • Give employers an opportunity to train future employees.
  • Supply an easily accessible source of highly motivated pre-professionals.
  • Bring current technology and ideas from the classroom into the workplace.
  • Present a management and supervision experience to mid-level staff. 

For more information about student internships at GRCC, please contact Susan Lichtenberg at 616-234-4115 or