Statewide Articulation

Pilot – Developing Statewide Articulation Agreements across Michigan’s Community Colleges

As a product of the Program of Study, in 2012-2013 Delta College, Grand Rapids Community College, Lansing Community College, Montcalm Community College and Mott Community College worked together with the State of Michigan Workforce Development Agency Community College Services Unit to improve retention and completion of students in college career technical programs. The purpose of the project was to outline a process and mechanism whereby community colleges CTE programs follow a process to articulate occupational college courses with similar college courses across the state, thus giving students options to attend similar postsecondary CTE programs with no loss or credit or repetition of coursework.  

For the pilot, Automotive Technology was chosen as these five colleges had participated in the Program of Study work and their curriculum aligned with national standards. Students who earn credit for courses in an approved NATEF automotive technology program of study will now have the ability to transfer credits to continue in the career technical education program to other colleges in the state. This will serve students who must relocate or who are not able to enroll in the sequence of courses at one institution to continue to progress toward the certificate or associate degree through coursework at another college.   

The process that was followed along with the results of this pilot and the final articulation agreement are included here.

Executive Summary

Final Reports

Course Equivalency Matrix

Final Articulation Agreement