Student Records - Office of the Registrar

Ferris State University

Subject Catalog # Course Title Credit Hrs. GRCC Subject Catalog # Course Title Credit Hrs.
ABOD111 Auto Body and Paint Theory4.00TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
ABOD112 Applied Auto Body and Paint6.00TR 999Transportation Elective 6.00
ABOD113 Refinishing and Panel Repair T4.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
ABOD114 Applied Refinishing/Panel Repa6.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 6.00
ABOD211 Frame and Unibody Repair Theor4.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
ABOD212 Applied Frame and Unibody Repa6.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 6.00
ABOD213 Repair Process Theory4.00TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
ABOD214 Applied Repair Processes6.00TR 999Transportation Elective 6.00
ABOD215 Body Electronics and Air Condi4.00 TR 110Auto Electrical Systems 4.00
ACCT201 Principles of Accounting 13.00BA 256Principles of Accounting-1 3.00
ACCT202 Principles of Accounting 23.00BA 257Principles of Accounting-2 3.00
ACCT205 Managerial Accounting3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ACCT221 Principles of Construction Acc3.00 BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ACCT231 Payroll Accounting3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ACCT241 Computerized Accounting3.00BA 160Computerized Accounting 1 3.00
ACCT290 Special Topics in ACCT3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ACCT297 Special Studies in Accounting3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ACCT301 Fed Tax Concepts for BUS3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ACCT305 Intermediate Accounting Concep3.00 BA 264Intermediate Accounting 3.00
ACCT310 Intermediate Accounting 13.00BA 264Intermediate Accounting 3.00
ACCT312 Intermediate Accounting 23.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ACCT321 Cost Accounting 13.00BA 262Cost Accounting 3.00
ACCT322 Cost Accounting 23.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ACCT350 Fed Income Tax / Individual3.00BA 268Tax Accounting 3.00
ACCT388 Career Planning for Accountant1.00 BA 999Business Elective 1.00
ACCT397 Special Studies in Accounting4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
ADVG222 Principles of Advertising3.00BA 174Advertising3.00
ADVG312 Advertising Layout/Production3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ADVG324 Advertising Copy3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ADVG334 Fundamentals of Media3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ADVG375 Business-to-Bus Advertising3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ADVG376 Media Strategy & Tactics2.00BA 999Business Elective 2.00
AEMT290 Special Topics in AEMT3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
AEMT297 Special Studies in AEMT3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
AHEM301 Auto Marketing & Distribution14.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
AHEM302 Auto Marketing & Distribution24.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
AHEM303 Dealership Accounting4.00BA 156Accounting Fundamentals 4.00
AHEM360 Auto: Symbol, Art Form, & Sh3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
AHEM390 Special Topics in AHEM3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
ANTH121 Intro to Physical Anthropology3.00 AN 201Intro to Anthropology 3.00
ANTH290 Special Topics in ANTH1.00AN 999Anthropology Elective 1.00
ANTH297 Special Studies in ANTH1.00AN 999Anthropology Elective 1.00
ANTH300 North American Archaeology3.00AN 999Anthropology Elective 3.00
ANTH310 North American Indians3.00AN 280Native American Culture 3.00
ANTH320 Contemporary Amer Indian Issue3.00 AN 999Anthropology Elective 3.00
ANTH371 Medical Anthropology3.00AN 999Anthropology Elective 3.00
ANTH374 Reproductive Health and Sexual3.00 AN 999Anthropology Elective 3.00
ANTH385 Japanese Culture & Society 13.00AN 999Anthropology Elective 3.00
ANTH386 Japanese Culture & Society 23.00AN 999Anthropology Elective 3.00
ANTH390 Special Topics in ANTH3.00AN 999Anthropology Elective 3.00
ANTH397 Special Studies in ANTH3.00AN 999Anthropology Elective 3.00
ARCH101 Architectural Graphics3.00AR 201Architectural Graphics-1 3.00
ARCH102 Arch Construction Documents 14.00AR 120Arch Working Drawings 1 4.00
ARCH110 Comp Graphics in Arch/HVACR2.00AR 112Mech & Electrical Drafting 2.00
ARCH115 Interior/Exterior Finish & Sys3.00 AR 105Construction Materials 1 3.00
ARCH190 Special Topics in Arch1.00AR 999Architecture Elective 1.00
ARCH203 Architectural Const Detailing4.00AR 121Arch Working Drawings 2 4.00
ARCH204 Architectural Cons Documents 24.00 AR 208 Design Studio - Commercial Bld4.00
ARCH216 Professional Practice2.00AR 999Architecture Elective 2.00
ARCH223 Statics & Structures4.00AR 106Construction Materials 2 4.00
ARCH241 Design and Fundamentals3.00AR 104Residential Design 3.00
ARCH244 Historical Dev of Western Arch3.00 AR 111Orientation to Architecture 3.00
ARCH250 Systems Cost Estimating3.00AR 176Estimating and Shop Drawing 3.00
ARCH270 CAD Modeling & Rendering in Ar3.00 AR 129Architectural 3D CAD 3.00
ARCH285 House: An American Evolution3.00AR 999Architecture Elective 3.00
ARCH290 Special Topics in Arch3.00AR 999Architecture Elective 3.00
ARCH297 Special Studies in Arch3.00AR 999Architecture Elective 3.00
ARTH110 Prehistoric Thru Middle Age3.00AT 105Art Hist/Apprec-Foundations 3.00
ARTH111 Renaissance Thru 20th Century3.00AT 106Twentieth Century Art 3.00
ARTH203 African American Art History3.00AT 998Art/Humanities Elec 3.00
ARTH290 Special Topics in Arth3.00AT 998Art/Humanities Elec 3.00
ARTH310 History of 20th Century Art3.00AT 998Art/Humanities Elec 3.00
ARTH311 History of Graphic Design3.00AT 998Art/Humanities Elec 3.00
ARTH312 American Art3.00AT 998Art/Humanities Elec 3.00
ARTH325 Women and Art3.00AT 998Art/Humanities Elec 3.00
ARTH397 Special Studies in Arth3.00AT 998Art/Humanities Elec 3.00
ARTS101 Basic Art3.00AT 130Two Dimensional Design 1 Princ 3.00
ARTS102 Intermediate Art3.00AT 131Two Dimensional Design 2 Color 3.00
ARTS120 Three-Dimensional Design3.00AT 150Three Dimensional Design 3.00
ARTS130 Experiments in Painting3.00AT 214Painting I3.00
ARTS131 Art for the Elementary Teacher1.00 AT 255Art for Elementary Classroom 1.00
ARTS290 Special Topics for ARTS3.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
ARTS297 Special Studies in ARTS3.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
ATSR202 Automotive Technical Trends2.00TR 999Transportation Elective 2.00
AUTO111 Manual Transmission & Drive4.00TR 140Auto Power Trains 4.00
AUTO112 Automotive Brake Systems4.00TR 147Automotive Brake Systems 4.00
AUTO113 Auto Electricity & Electronics4.00 EL 144Bas Electricity & Electronic 4.00
AUTO114 Automotive Engines4.00TR 103Auto Engine Design & Servicing 4.00
AUTO115 Suspen/Steering/ Alignment4.00TR 148Steering, Suspension, Alignmnt 4.00
AUTO116 Engine Electrical Systems4.00TR 110Auto Electrical Systems 2.00
AUTO116 Engine Electrical Systems4.00TR 210Auto Ignition Systems 2.00
AUTO117 Electronic Fuel Mgmt Systems4.00TR 160Automotive Driveability 2.00
AUTO117 Electronic Fuel Mgmt Systems4.00TR 230Auto Fuel Injection 2.00
AUTO200 Service Area 16.00TR 180Applied Auto Servicing 6.00
AUTO201 Engine Performance Machining 14.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
AUTO202 Engine Performance Machining 24.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
AUTO211 Automatic Transmission4.00TR 240Automatic Transmissions 4.00
AUTO213 Chassis Electrical4.00TR 220Auto Electronic Control 4.00
AUTO214 Automotive HVAC4.00TR 143Automotive AC and Heating 4.00
AUTO250 Service Area 26.00TR 280Advanced Auto Servicing 6.00
AUTO291 Cooperative Work Experience1.00TR 999Transportation Elective 1.00
BCTM213 Wood & Steel Framing & Finish3.00AP 999Apprenticeship Elective 3.00
BCTM223 Mech / Elec Plans & Specs3.00AP 999Apprenticeship Elective 3.00
BCTM225 Field Engineering3.00AP 999Apprenticeship Elective 3.00
BCTM233 Mech, Elec, & Plumbing Const3.00AP 999Apprenticeship Elective 3.00
BCTM297 Special Studies in BCTM4.00AP 999Apprenticeship Elective 4.00
BIOL101 Genetics - Human Aspects4.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 4.00
BIOL103 Biological Concepts4.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 4.00
BIOL108 Medical Microbiology3.00BI 126Microbiology & Infectious Dis 3.00
BIOL109 Basic Human Anatomy/Physiology4.00 BI 117 General Human Anatomy and Phys4.00
BIOL111 Environmental Biology4.00BI 215General Ecology 4.00
BIOL113 Basic Botany3.00BI 103Survey of Plant Biology 3.00
BIOL114 Biology & Maint of Turf4.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 4.00
BIOL116 Nature Study4.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 4.00
BIOL119 Birds of Michigan4.00BI 207Ornithology4.00
BIOL121 General Biology 14.00BI 101General Biology 4.00
BIOL122 General Biology 24.00BI 104Animal Biology 4.00
BIOL190 Special Topics in BIOL1.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 1.00
BIOL205 Human Anatomy & Pysiology5.00BI 117General Human Anatomy and Phys 5.00
BIOL207 Forensic Biology3.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
BIOL218 Microbial Ecology3.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
BIOL274 Introduction to Biotechnology1.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 1.00
BIOL286 General Microbiology3.00BI 127General Microbiology 3.00
BIOL290 Special Topics in BIOL1.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 1.00
BIOL297 Special Studies in BIOL1.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 1.00
BIOL300 Pathophysiology3.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 3.00
BIOL301 Exercise Physiology3.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 3.00
BIOL307 Forensic Human Pathology3.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 3.00
BIOL308 Adv Medical Microbio/Immunolog3.00 BI 127General Microbiology 3.00
BIOL314 The Biological Enviornment3.00BI 215General Ecology 3.00
BIOL321 Human Physiology and Anatomy 14.00 BI 121 Human Anatomy and Physiology 14.00
BIOL322 Human Physiology and Anatomy4.00BI 122Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 4.00
BIOL331 Clinical Anatomy & Physiology4.00BI 121Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 4.00
BIOL332 Clinical Anatomy & Physiology3.00BI 122Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 3.00
BIOL340 Evolution3.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 3.00
BIOL341 Natural History of Invertebrat3.00 BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
BIOL342 Vertebrate Natural History3.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
BIOL344 Entomolgy3.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
BIOL347 Enviromental Conservation3.00BI 215General Ecology 3.00
BIOL349 Medical Parasitology3.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
BIOL351 Field Botony3.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
BIOL353 Plant Physiology4.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 4.00
BIOL370 Developmental Biology4.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 4.00
BIOL373 Cell Biology3.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 3.00
BIOL375 Principles of Genetics3.00BI 232Genetics3.00
BIOL379 Biotech 1: Tissue Culture Lab2.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 2.00
BIOL386 Microbiology & Immunology5.00BI 126Microbiology & Infectious Dis 9.00
BIOL387 Microbiology / Immunology4.00BI 126Microbiology & Infectious Dis 9.00
BIOL388 Adv Immunology Lab2.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 2.00
BIOL397 Special Studies in Biology1.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 1.00
BUSN122 Introduction to Business3.00BA 103Introduction To Business 3.00
BUSN123 Keyboard / Desktop Publishing3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
BUSN209 Business Presentations3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
BUSN297 Special Studies in BUSN4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
BUSN352 Human Factors in Office Auto3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
CAHS100 Intro to Allied Health & Nursi1.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
CARE102 Career and Education Planning3.00ED 999Education Elective 3.00
CARE201 Job Search Success Seminar1.00ED 999Education Elective 1.00
CDTD121 Product Detailing3.00MN 252Geometric Tolerancing 3.00
CDTD122 CAD Solid Modeling Parametrics4.00 DR 140Introduction to Inventor 4.00
CDTD130 CAD Tool Detailing2.00DR 150Introduction to Solidworks 2.00
CDTD150 Blueprint Reading and Analysis2.00 MN 114Mach Trades Blueprt Rdng 2.00
CDTD211 Die Design6.00DR 224Die Design3.00
CDTD211 Die Design6.00DR 225Advanced Die Design 3.00
CDTD212 Computer Aided Tool Design3.00DR 228Intro to Computer Aided Design 3.00
CDTD221 Mold Design6.00DR 241Mold Design and Theory 6.00
CDTD222 Computer Aided Engineering3.00EG 110Industrial Graphics With CAD 3.00
CDTD297 Special Studies in CDTD4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
CDTD390 Special Topics in CDTD3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
CETM214 Adv Mat'ls Properties & Testin3.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 3.00
CETM215 Pavement Design & Construction3.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 3.00
CETM226 Highway Technology3.00TR 999Transportation Elective 3.00
CETM227 Hydraulics & Hydrology3.00TR 999Transportation Elective 3.00
CETM297 Special Studies in CETM4.00TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
CHEM103 Preparatory Chemistry3.00CM 101Chemistry In The Modern World 3.00
CHEM104 Chemistry & Food4.00CM 999Chemistry Elective 4.00
CHEM121 General Chemistry 15.00CM 103General Chemistry 1 5.00
CHEM122 General Chemisty 25.00CM 104General Chemistry 2 5.00
CHEM124 Intro to Organic & Biochem3.00CM 999Chemistry Elective 3.00
CHEM145 Safety & the Chemical Lab2.00CM 998Chemistry/LAB Elective 2.00
CHEM190 Special Topics in CHEM1.00CM 999Chemistry Elective 1.00
CHEM207 Science & Crime3.00CM 998Chemistry/LAB Elective 3.00
CHEM214 Fund of Organic Chemistry4.00CM 231Introductory Organic Chemistry 4.00
CHEM240 Industrial Chemical Calculatio2.00 CM 999Chemistry Elective 2.00
CHEM245 Chem Manufacturing & Analysis4.00CM 999Chemistry Elective 4.00
CHEM290 Special Topics in Chemistry4.00CM 999Chemistry Elective 4.00
CHEM307 Forensic Chemistry3.00CM 999Chemistry Elective 3.00
CHEM324 Fundamentals of Biochem3.00CM 241Biological Chemistry 5.00
CHEM332 Biochemistry Lab 12.00CM 241Biological Chemistry 5.00
CHEM333 Biochemistry Lab 22.00CM 999Chemistry Elective 2.00
CHEM364 Biochemistry4.00CM 999Chemistry Elective 4.00
CLLS101 Clinical Lab Science Orien1.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 1.00
CLLS121 Intro to Specimen Collection3.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 3.00
CLLS191 Clinical Exp in Phlebotomy3.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 3.00
CLLS215 Clinical Chemistry4.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 4.00
CLLS224 Body Fluid Analysis & Hemostat3.00 NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 3.00
CLLS228 Immunohematology3.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 3.00
CLLS230 Hematology3.00NS 777L Natural Science/Lab Elective3.00
CLLS235 Diagnostic Microbiology4.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 4.00
CLLS240 Med Mycology, Parasit, Virolog2.00 NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 2.00
CLLS251 Intro to Clinical Immunology3.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 3.00
CLLS256 Simulated Clinical Lab3.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 3.00
CLLS291 Applied Clinical Practicum12.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 12.00
CLLS297 Special Studies in CLLS4.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 4.00
CLLS355 Advanced Clinical Chemistry3.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 3.00
COMM101 Intro to Communication Study3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM105 Interpersonal Communication3.00COM 135Interpersonal Communication 3.00
COMM121 Fundamentals of Public Speakin3.00 COM 131Fund Publ Spkg 3.00
COMM190 Special Topics in COMM1.00COM 999Speech Elective 1.00
COMM200 Found of Interpersonal Comm3.00SC 135Television Workshop 3.00
COMM201 Public Presentation Practice3.00COM 131Fund Publ Spkg 3.00
COMM205 Effective Listening3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM221 Small Group Decision Making3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM231 Interpretive Reading3.00COM 241Interpretative Reading 3.00
COMM251 Argumentation & Debate3.00COM 227Argumentation And Debate 3.00
COMM252 Speech Activites2.00COM 999Speech Elective 2.00
COMM290 Special Topics in COMM3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM297 Special Studies in COMM1.00COM 999Speech Elective 1.00
COMM299 Theories Human Communication3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM300 Research Methods in COMM3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM301 Interviewing3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM305 Communication & Human Relation3.00 COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM310 Nonverbal Communication3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM325 Speechwriting3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM332 Persuasive Speaking3.00COM 232Intr Persu Spk 3.00
COMM336 Technical & Professional Pres3.00 COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM352 Directing Speech Comm Activity3.00 COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM365 Intercultural Communication3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM370 Communication and Conflict3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM380 Organizational Communication3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM385 Broadcast Writing3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM390 Special Topics in Comm3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
COMM397 Special Studies in Comm3.00COM 999Speech Elective 3.00
CONM090 Special Topics in CONM1.00TE 999Technology Elective 1.00
CONM100 Exploring Construction1.00AP 999Apprenticeship Elective 1.00
CONM111 Construction Practices3.00AP 999Apprenticeship Elective 3.00
CONM112 Plans & Specifications3.00AP 999Apprenticeship Elective 3.00
CONM113 Computer Applications for Cons3.00 DR 228 Intro to Computer Aided Design3.00
CONM121 Materials Properties & Testing3.00 TE 114Material Science 3.00
CONM122 Construction Surveying & Lay3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
CONM211 Construction Quantity Estimate3.00 TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
CONM212 Soils & Foundations3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
CONM221 Statics & Structures3.00EG 208Statics3.00
CONM222 Construction Administration3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
CONM290 Special Topics in CONM4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
CONM297 Special Studies in CONM4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
CONM311 Formwork & Temp Structures3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
CONM312 Construction Scheduling3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
CONM313 Construction Economics3.00EC 999Economics Elective 3.00
CONM321 Construction Cost Estimating3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
CONM324 Adv Const Computer Techniques3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
CONM390 Special Topics in CONM3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
CPSC150 Programming in BASIC3.00CO 124BASIC Programming 3.00
CPSC200 Object Oriented Programming4.00CO 999Computer Elective 4.00
CPSC244 Scientific Prog w/ FORTRAN3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
CPSC300 Data Structures & Algorithms4.00CO 127C Programming 4.00
CPSC320 Computer Simulations3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
CPSC326 Computer Graphics3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
CPSC328 Discrete Structures3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
CPSC340 Hardware & Software Org4.00CO 999Computer Elective 4.00
CPSC390 Special Topics in Comp Science3.00 CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
CRIM110 Intro to Criminal Justice3.00CJ 110Intro to Criminal Justice 3.00
CRIM111 Intro to Corrections3.00CJ 105Intro to Corrections 3.00
CRIM220 Supervision & Mangment in CJ3.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
CRIM260 Delinquency Prevention & Cont3.00CJ 140Juvenile Delinquency 3.00
CRIM290 Special Topics in CRIM3.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
CRIM301 CJ Investigation Issues3.00CJ 241Criminal Investigation 1 3.00
CRIM302 Creating Safe Schools1.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 1.00
CRIM305 Org Behavior / Admin in CJ Age4.00 CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 4.00
CRIM310 Corrections & Society3.00CJ 105Intro to Corrections 3.00
CRIM311 Police & Society3.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
CRIM319 Conflict Managment in Correct3.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
CRIM320 Conflict Management in CJ4.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 4.00
CRIM321 Police Report Writing3.00CJ 259Report Writing Criminal Justic 3.00
CRIM322 Report Writing for Corrections3.00 CJ 259 Report Writing Criminal Justic3.00
CRIM325 Michigan Criminal Law4.00CJ 235Criminal Law4.00
CRIM330 Michigan Criminal Procedure4.00CJ 236Procedural Law 4.00
CRIM353 Patrol Problems4.00CJ 253Patrol Operations 1 4.00
CRIM354 Traffic Management5.00CJ 150Introduction to Traffic 3.00
CRIM354 Traffic Management5.00CJ 151Traffic Accident Investigation 2.00
CRIM355 Precision Driving3.00CJ 152Police Driving Techniques 3.00
CRIM356 Firearms3.00CJ 175Use of Firearms 3.00
CRIM370 Correctional Institutions3.00CJ 221Correctional Institutions 3.00
CRIM385 Current Issues in CJ3.00CJ 245Substance Abuse 3.00
CRIM391 Criminal Justice Internship4.00CJ 281CJ Internship 1 4.00
DHYG110 Dental Hygiene Seminar 11.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 1.00
DHYG111 Oral Science3.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 3.00
DHYG114 Clinical Dental Hygiene Theo 12.00 DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 2.00
DHYG115 Clinical Dental Hygiene Prac 13.00 DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 3.00
DHYG116 Principles of Nut - Dental Hyg2.00 DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 2.00
DHYG121 Oral Science 22.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 2.00
DHYG122 Dental Radiography3.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 3.00
DHYG123 General and Oral Pathology3.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 3.00
DHYG124 Clinical Den Hygiene Theory 22.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 2.00
DHYG125 Clinical Dental Hygiene Prac 23.00 DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 3.00
DHYG210 Biomaterials3.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 3.00
DHYG213 Periodontics3.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 3.00
DHYG214 Clinical Den Hygiene Theory 33.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 3.00
DHYG215 Clinical Dental Hygiene Prac 34.00 DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 4.00
DHYG217 Communtiy Dentistry2.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 2.00
DHYG218 Pharmacology - Dental Hygiene2.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 2.00
DHYG220 Dental Hygiene Seminar 21.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 1.00
DHYG224 Clinical Den Hygiene Theory 42.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 2.00
DHYG225 Clinical Dental Hygiene Prac 44.00 DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 4.00
DHYG227 Community Dentistry 22.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 2.00
DHYG250 Pain Control for DHYG Practice2.00 DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 2.00
DHYG290 Special Topics in DHYG4.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 4.00
DHYG297 Special Studies in DHYG4.00DH 999Dental Hygiene Elective 4.00
DIST100 Directed Studies Seminar 11.00PY 101Lng Adj To Col 1.00
DIST101 Directed Studies Seminar 21.00PY 101Lng Adj To Col 1.00
ECNS115 Networks 13.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECNS125 Networks 23.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECNS190 Special Topics in ECNS3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECNS215 Networks 33.00CO 233Local Area Networks 3.00
ECNS221 PC Data Acquisition/Control3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECNS225 Networks 43.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECNS310 C/C++ Programming Applications1.00 CO 999Computer Elective 1.00
ECNS311 High Level Programming2.00CO 999Computer Elective 2.00
ECNS312 Control Networks3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECNS315 Network Theory and Test3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECNS320 Assembly Language Applications1.00 CO 999Computer Elective 1.00
ECNS321 Network Theory and Test3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECNS325 Control Networks3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECNS390 Special Topics in ECNS3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECNS397 Special Studies in ECNS3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ECOM200 World of E-Commerce3.00CP 218e-Business, e-Com and Security 3.00
ECOM375 Business to Business E-Com Mkt3.00 CP 240e-Business App Dev Proj 1 3.00
ECOM383 Business to Consumer E-Com Mkt3.00 CP 218 e-Business, e-Com and Security3.00
EDUC150 Survey of Contemporary Amer Ed3.00 ED 999Education Elective 3.00
EDUC205 Ed Tech in Elem MS3.00ED 999Education Elective 3.00
EDUC206 Ed Tech in Secondary Classroom3.00 ED 999Education Elective 3.00
EDUC251 Life Span Human Growth and Dev3.00 PY 232Developmental Psychology 3.00
EDUC289 Principles of Teaching & Learn3.00 ED 200Introduction to Education 3.00
EDUC301 Prinicples of Teaching and Lea3.00 ED 200Introduction to Education 3.00
EDUC302 Creating Safe Schools1.00ED 999Education Elective 1.00
EDUC303 School, Work & Society3.00ED 999Education Elective 3.00
EDUC308 Teaching Strat for SPED/Div Po3.00 CD 230Yng Children w/ Special Needs 3.00
EDUC330 Instruction Planning & Deliver4.00 ED 999Education Elective 4.00
EDUC339 Instructional Planning & Prac2.00ED 999Education Elective 2.00
EDUC378 Media Presentation Techniques2.00ED 999Education Elective 2.00
EDUC390 Special Topics in Education3.00ED 999Education Elective 3.00
EDUC391 Cooperative Work Internship8.00ED 999Education Elective 8.00
EDUC392 Coop Non-Wage Work Exp12.00ED 999Education Elective 12.00
EDUC393 TBI Work Experience12.00ED 999Education Elective 12.00
EDUC397 Special Studies in Education10.00ED 999Education Elective 10.00
EEET110 IET Technical Preparation3.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 3.00
EEET114 Electric Circuits 13.00EL 106Technical Electricity 3.00
EEET115 Electronic Tech for HVACR3.00EL 144Bsc Etry Etron 3.00
EEET121 Electronics 14.00EL 107Basic Electronics 4.00
EEET122 Digital 14.00EL 263Digital Computer Systems 2.00
EEET122 Digital 14.00EL 161Intro to Digital Logic 2.00
EEET124 Electrical Circuits 24.00EL 106Technical Electricity 4.00
EEET125 Electronics for CNS3.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 3.00
EEET201 Electronic Fundamentals3.00EL 201Industrial Electricity 3.00
EEET210 Communication Circuits3.00EL 202Communication Electronics 3.00
EEET211 Electronics 23.00EL 205Transistor Electronics 3.00
EEET212 Digital 24.00EL 263Digital Computer Systems 2.00
EEET212 Digital 24.00EL 261Microcomputer Programming 2.00
EEET221 Troubleshooting3.00EL 163Electrical Troubleshooting 3.00
EEET222 Microprocessor Applications4.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 4.00
EEET224 Industrial Automation & Motors4.00 EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 4.00
EEET290 Special Topics in EEET3.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 3.00
EEET297 Special Studies in EEET4.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 4.00
EEET301 Controls for Automation3.00EL 204Industrial Electronics 3.00
EEET312 Electronic Design Automation3.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 3.00
EEET320 Assembly Lang Program for Elec2.00 EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 2.00
EEET321 Network Analysis3.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 3.00
EEET390 Special Topics in EEET5.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 5.00
EEET393 Internship4.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 4.00
EHSM101 Intro to Enviro Health & Safe1.00TE 999Technology Elective 1.00
EHSM103 Fundamentals Ind Hygiene/Waste4.00 TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
EHSM104 Fundamentals of Safety3.00TE 272Industrial Safety 3.00
EHSM105 Fund of Environmental Health3.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 3.00
EHSM121 Prin of Accident Prevention2.00TE 272Industrial Safety 2.00
EHSM208 Environmental Regs 13.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
EHSM212 Shelter Environment3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
EHSM213 Intro to Epidemiology1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
EHSM215 Environmental Health Stats2.00MA 215Statistics2.00
EHSM220 Environmental Health Practices4.00 TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
EHSM245 Emergency Response 13.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
EHSM303 Ambient Air Quality3.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 3.00
EHSM304 Indoor Air Quality3.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 3.00
EHSM315 Epidemiology & Statistics3.00AD 999Nursing Elective 3.00
EHSM317 Public Health Administration2.00GH 999General Health Elective 2.00
EHSM322 Accident Invest/Reporting2.00TE 999Technology Elective 2.00
EHSM330 OSHA Laws & Regulations2.00TE 999Technology Elective 2.00
EHSM331 Mechanical Safety4.00TE 272Industrial Safety 4.00
EHSM335 IH Sampling/Data Interpretatio3.00 TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
EHSM340 Risk Assessment and Communic3.00AD 999Nursing Elective 3.00
EHSM345 Waste Operations & Emerg Resp3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
EHSM346 Emergency Response 23.00AD 999Nursing Elective 3.00
EHSM350 Food Technology4.00CA 111Restaurant Sanitation & Safety 4.00
EHSM360 Occupation Health/Injury Prev4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
EHSM375 Toxicology3.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 3.00
ENGL074 Intro - Basic Collegiate Write4.00 EN 97 Academic Foundations English 14.00
ENGL150 English 13.00EN 101English Composition-1 3.00
ENGL197 Special Studies in English3.00EN 999English Elective 3.00
ENGL211 Industrial & Career Writing3.00BA 101Business & Technical English 1 3.00
ENGL222 Intro to Creative Writing3.00EN 247Creative Writing 1 3.00
ENGL250 English 23.00EN 102English Composition-2 3.00
ENGL280 Special Topics in Tech Com1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
ENGL290 Special Topics in ENGL1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
ENGL291 Engl-Writing Option Intern4.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 4.00
ENGL297 Special Studies in ENGL1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
ENGL301 Intro to Linguistics3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
ENGL311 Advanced Technical Writing3.00EN 249Technical Writing 3.00
ENGL321 Advanced Composition3.00EN 102English Composition-2 3.00
ENGL323 Proposal Writing3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
ENGL325 Advanced Business Writing3.00BA 102Business & Technical English 2 3.00
ENGL380 History of Rhetoric & Style3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
ENGL382 History/Structure - Eng Lang3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
ENGL397 Special Studies in English1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
ETEC140 Engineering Graphics, Comp3.00EG 110Ind Graph W/Cad 3.00
ETEC297 Special Studies in ETEC1.00TE 999Technology Elective 1.00
FINC201 Personal Finance3.00BA 153Personal Finance 3.00
FINC280 Fundamentals of Banking3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FINC297 Special Studies in FINC1.00BA 999Business Elective 1.00
FINC300 Mathematics of Finance3.00BA 150Business Mathematics 3.00
FINC310 Real Estate Finance3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FINC312 Financial Markets & Institutes3.00 BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FINC322 Finacial Management 13.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FINC323 Financial Management 23.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FINC397 Special Studies in FINC3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FMAN280 Intro to Facilities Management3.00 BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FMAN309 Computer Apps/Facility Mgrs3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
FMAN321 Principles of Facilities Mnmt3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FMAN322 Project Management3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FMAN331 Facility Prog / Design Process3.00 BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FMAN390 Special Topics in FMAN3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
FMAN393 Facilities Manag Internship4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
FREN100 French for Business / Travel3.00FR 999French Elective 3.00
FREN101 Beginning French 14.00FR 101Introductory French 1 4.00
FREN102 Beginning French 24.00FR 102Introductory French 2 4.00
FREN201 Intermediate French 14.00FR 231Intermediate French 1 4.00
FREN202 Intermediate French 24.00FR 232Intermediate French 2 4.00
FREN290 Special Topics in FREN4.00FR 999French Elective 4.00
FREN297 Special Studies in FREN4.00FR 999French Elective 4.00
FREN301 Advanced French 13.00FR 999French Elective 3.00
FREN302 Advanced French 23.00FR 999French Elective 3.00
FREN331 French Culture3.00SS 999Social Science Elective 3.00
FREN390 Special Topics in FREN4.00FR 999French Elective 4.00
FSUS100 Ferris State Univ Seminar1.00PY 101Lng Adj To Col 1.00
FSUS101 Ferris State Univ Seminar 21.00PY 101Lng Adj To Col 1.00
FSUS190 Special Topics in FSUS1.00ED 999Education Elective 1.00
FSUS491 Cooperative Education9.00BA 280Cooperative Educ In Business-3 9.00
GEOG100 Geography of World Regions3.00GE 135World Regional Geography 3.00
GEOG111 Geography of Phys Envirornment4.00 GE 132Physical Geography 4.00
GEOG112 Cultural Geography3.00GE 210Cultural Geography 3.00
GEOG121 Weather & Climate3.00GE 999Geography Elective 3.00
GEOG201 Geography of the US & Canada3.00GE 253Geography of the US and Canada 3.00
GEOG202 Geog - Latin Amer, Africa, Asi3.00 GE 999Geography Elective 3.00
GEOG241 Map Analysis & Interpretation3.00GE 999Geography Elective 3.00
GEOG290 Special Topics in GEOG4.00GE 999Geography Elective 4.00
GEOG297 Special Studies in GEOG4.00GE 999Geography Elective 4.00
GEOG301 Geog - Mich & Great Lakes Reg3.00GE 140Geography of Michigan 3.00
GEOG372 World Medical Geography3.00GE 999Geography Elective 3.00
GEOG390 Special Topics in GEOG3.00GE 999Geography Elective 3.00
GEOG397 Special Studies in GEOG3.00GE 999Geography Elective 3.00
GEOL121 Physical Geology4.00GL 101Introduction To Geology 4.00
GEOL122 Historical Geology3.00GL 104Historical Geology 3.00
GEOL131 Geology & Land-Use Mgmt3.00GL 105Gl Nat Hazards 3.00
GEOL210 Field Geology3.00GL 999L Geology/LAB Elective3.00
GEOL297 Special Studies in GEOL4.00GL 999Geology Elective 4.00
GEOL321 Hydrogeology4.00GL 999L Geology/LAB Elective4.00
GERM100 German for Business/Travel3.00GR 999German Elective 3.00
GERM101 Beginning German 14.00GR 101Introductory German 1 4.00
GERM102 Beginning German 24.00GR 102Introductory German 2 4.00
GERM201 Intermediate German 14.00GR 231Intermediate German 1 4.00
GERM202 Intermediate German 24.00GR 232Intermediate German 2 4.00
GERM290 Special Topics in GERM4.00GR 999German Elective 4.00
GERM297 Special Studies in GERM4.00GR 999German Elective 4.00
GERM331 German Culture3.00GR 999German Elective 3.00
GERM390 Special Topics in GERM4.00GR 999German Elective 4.00
GERM397 Special Studies German4.00GR 999German Elective 4.00
HCSA202 Health Care Law3.00GH 999General Health Elective 3.00
HCSA205 Computers in Health Care2.00CO 999Computer Elective 2.00
HCSA220 Health Services Administration3.00 GH 999General Health Elective 3.00
HCSA297 Special Studies in HCSA1.00GH 999General Health Elective 1.00
HCSA320 Principles of Managed Care3.00GH 999General Health Elective 3.00
HCSA335 Sup Prac Health Care Workers4.00GH 999General Health Elective 4.00
HCSA345 Internship Orientation1.00GH 999General Health Elective 1.00
HCSA392 Internship 16.00GH 999General Health Elective 6.00
HEQK250 Komatsu Parts & Service2.00BA 999Business Elective 2.00
HEQK251 Komatsu Electrical Controls4.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 4.00
HEQK252 Komatsu Hydraulic Excavators4.00MN 217Hydraulics4.00
HEQK253 Komatsu Transmissions4.00TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
HEQK293 AIS Komatsu Internship4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
HEQT100 Trouble Shooting Strategies2.00TE 999Technology Elective 2.00
HEQT101 Heavy Equip Maint Fundamentals2.00 TE 999Technology Elective 2.00
HEQT110 Heavy Equip Elec Fundamentals4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
HEQT120 Heavy Equip Engine Technology4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
HEQT160 Fluid Power Fundamentals4.00MN 217Hydraulics4.00
HEQT190 Special Topics in HEQT4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
HEQT193 Industry Internship4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
HEQT200 Planned Maintenance Systems2.00TE 999Technology Elective 2.00
HEQT201 Transport Refrig Systems4.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 4.00
HEQT210 Heavy Equip Electrical Systems4.00 EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 4.00
HEQT221 Heavy Equip Engine Rebuilding4.00TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
HEQT230 Diesel Fuel Systems Technology4.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
HEQT240 Heavy Equip Brakes/Susp System4.00 TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
HEQT270 Heavy Equip Power Tranf Tech4.00TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
HEQT271 Heavy Equip Auto Trans4.00TR 999Transportation Elective 4.00
HEQT282 AC Power Generation4.00EL 999Electricity/Electronics Elect 4.00
HEQT285 Gen Controls & Switch Gear Sys4.00 TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
HEQT290 Special Topics in HEQT4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
HEQT297 Special Studies in HEQT4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
HIST090 Special Topics HIST 0903.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST121 United States History to 18773.00HS 249U.S. History Through Reconstr 3.00
HIST122 US History - 1877 to Present3.00HS 250U.S. History Reconst -Present 3.00
HIST151 History of Western Civ to 15003.00 HS 101Western Civilization to 1500 3.00
HIST152 Western Civil 1500-Present3.00HS 102Western Civiliz Since 1500 3.00
HIST190 Special Topics in History3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST200 Discovering the Global Past3.00HS 120World History to 1500 3.00
HIST201 African American History3.00HS 251African-Am History and Culture 3.00
HIST221 Supreme Court in 20th Century3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST230 Michigan History3.00HS 260History of Michigan 3.00
HIST276 History of Science & Technolog3.00 HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST277 American Business History3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST280 History of Med & Health Care3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST285 History of Sports3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST290 Special Topics in HIST3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST301 Racism in the Modern World3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST309 US History 1900-19453.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST310 US History Since 19453.00HS 250U.S. History Reconst -Present 3.00
HIST315 Civil Rights Movement3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST320 The US & Vietnam War3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST325 American Women's History3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST326 African American Woman History3.00 HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST330 Turbulent 1960's3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST331 American Cultural Hist to 18653.00 HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST332 Amer Cultural Hist Since 18653.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST341 US Foreign Policy 20th Century3.00 HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST342 The Civil War & Reconstruction3.00 HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST360 Contemporary European History3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST370 Modern Africa3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST371 East Asia 20th Century3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST372 Middle East in Modern Era3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST373 20th Century Russia3.00HS 290History of Russia-Soviet Union 3.00
HIST375 Latin American History3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST385 American Military History3.00HS 999History Elective 3.00
HIST397 Special Studies in HIST1.00HS 999History Elective 1.00
HLTH121 Intro to Stress Management1.00PY 106Managing Personal Stress 1.00
HLTH124 Health & Wellness1.00BI 125Personal Health 1.00
HLTH125 Responding to Emergencies2.00WE 156First Aid2.00
HLTH221 Stress Management1.00PY 106Managing Personal Stress 1.00
HORT111 Landscape Plant Id 13.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
HORT112 Landscape Plant Id 23.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
HORT136 Plant Pathology3.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
HORT138 Insect Pest Management4.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 4.00
HORT143 Intro Soil Science / Fertility4.00 BI 998Biology Elective Lab 4.00
HORT150 Landscape Design4.00AR 999Architecture Elective 4.00
HORT151 Landscape Plant Management3.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 3.00
HORT152 Plant Propogation3.00BI 998Biology Elective Lab 3.00
HORT201 Horticulture Pest Field Study3.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 3.00
HORT225 Turfgrass Management4.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 4.00
HORT250 Horticulture Seminar1.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 1.00
HORT290 Special Topics in HORT3.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 3.00
HORT291 OHT Internship5.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 5.00
HORT297 Special Studies in HORT4.00BI 999Biology Elective Non-Lab 4.00
HSET300 Applied Failure Analysis4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
HSET302 Fleet Management4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
HSET393 Industry Internship4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
HUMN100 Intro to Humanities3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN101 Classical / Medieval Periods3.00HU 204Humanities & Human Adv I 3.00
HUMN102 Renaissance to 20th Century3.00HU 205Humanities & Human Adv II 3.00
HUMN105 Intro to Women's Studies3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN107 Intro to African American Stud3.00 HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN115 Introduction to Philosophy3.00PL 201Introduction to Philosophy 3.00
HUMN201 African American Cultural Expr3.00 HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN202 Afr-Am Cultural Expression*RC3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN203 His of Western Philosophy 13.00PL 201Introduction to Philosophy 3.00
HUMN204 His of Western Philosophy 23.00PL 201Introduction to Philosophy 3.00
HUMN215 Comparative Religions3.00PL 999Philosophy Elective 3.00
HUMN216 Introduction to Ethics3.00PL 205Introduction to Ethics 3.00
HUMN217 Introduction to Logic3.00PL 202Introduction to Logic 3.00
HUMN220 Ethics in Health Care3.00PL 206Biomedical Ethics 3.00
HUMN230 Women, the Arts, & Society3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN240 Popular Culture3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN253 American Movies3.00HU 274American Cinema 3.00
HUMN290 Special Topics in HUMN3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN297 Special Studies in HUMN3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN305 Feminist & Gender Theory3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN320 Biomedical Ethics3.00PL 206Biomedical Ethics 3.00
HUMN325 Eastern Religions3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN326 Western Religions3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN327 Mythology3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN331 Ethics / Prof in Engry Tech3.00PL 209Business Ethics 3.00
HUMN360 Gender and Race in Film3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HUMN397 Special Studies in HUMN3.00HU 999Humanities Elective 3.00
HVAC100 Survey of HVACR1.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 1.00
HVAC101 Intro to Refrig & AC Systems4.00ER 110Basic Refrigeration 4.00
HVAC102 Thermodynamics of Refrigeratio4.00 ER 111Refrigeration Applications 4.00
HVAC117 AC Electrical Applications5.00ER 128Heating and Cooling Controls 5.00
HVAC132 Fund of Heating Mech Systems3.00ER 135Heating Theory 3.00
HVAC207 Commercial Refrigeration Sys5.00ER 275Commercial Refrigeration 5.00
HVAC208 Air Conditoning Applications5.00ER 136Air Conditioning Theory 5.00
HVAC225 Duct Work1.00ER 221Duct Construction and Design 1.00
HVAC234 Residential Gas Heating3.00ER 135Heating Theory 3.00
HVAC235 Hydronic Residential Oil Heat5.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 5.00
HVAC245 Design of Htg, Vent, AC System5.00 ER 276Adv Air Cond Refrig & Heating 5.00
HVAC290 Special Topics in HVAC5.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 5.00
HVAC297 Special Studies in HVAC4.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 4.00
HVAC311 HVAC Control Theory & Applicat4.00 ER 999 Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect4.00
HVAC312 HVAC Control Theory & Applcat4.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 4.00
HVAC313 HVAC Control Theory/Applicatio3.00 ER 999 Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect3.00
HVAC314 HVAC Control Laboratory1.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 1.00
HVAC329 HVAC Sec Equip Sel / Des (Hyd)3.00 ER 999 Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect3.00
HVAC330 HVAC Sec Equip Sel / Des - Air2.00 ER 999 Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect2.00
HVAC331 HVAC Sec Equip Select / Design2.00 ER 999 Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect2.00
HVAC332 HVAC Sec Equip Select Design4.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 4.00
HVAC333 HVAC Secondary Equip Lab1.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 1.00
HVAC337 Mech / Elec Systems for Build3.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 3.00
HVAC341 HVAC Load Calculation/Ene Code3.00 ER 999 Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect3.00
HVAC342 HVAC Load Calc / Energy Code3.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 3.00
HVAC390 Special Topics in HVAC4.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 4.00
HVAC393 Summer Internship4.00ER 999Energy Mgmt/Construction Elect 4.00
IEHM390 Special Topics IEHM1.00TE 999Technology Elective 1.00
IEPG011 Level One Grammar4.00ES 111English - 2nd Lang/Grammar 1 4.00
IEPG012 Level One Reading4.00ES 121English -2nd Lang/Vocabulary 1 4.00
IEPG013 Level One Speaking & Listening4.00 ES 101English - 2nd Lang/Speaking 1 4.00
IEPG014 Level One Composition4.00ES 112English - 2nd Lang/Grammar 2 4.00
IEPG01B Iepg Block Course ID1.00ES 999ESL Elective1.00
IEPG021 Level Two Grammar4.00ES 112English - 2nd Lang/Grammar 2 4.00
IEPG022 Level Two Reading4.00ES 122English -2nd Lang/Vocabulary 2 4.00
IEPG023 Level Two Speaking and Listen4.00ES 102English - 2nd Lang/Speaking 2 4.00
IEPG024 Level Two Composition4.00ES 112English - 2nd Lang/Grammar 2 4.00
IEPG031 Level Three Grammar4.00ES 113English - 2nd Lang/Grammar 3 4.00
IEPG032 Level Three Reading4.00ES 123English -2nd Lang/Vocabulary 3 4.00
IEPG033 Level Three Speaking & Listen4.00ES 103English - 2nd Lang/Speaking 3 4.00
IEPG034 Level Three Composition4.00ES 113English - 2nd Lang/Grammar 3 4.00
IEPG041 Level Four Grammar4.00ES 114English - 2nd Lang/Grammar 4 4.00
IEPG042 Level Four Reading4.00ES 124English -2nd Lang/Vocabulary 4 4.00
IEPG043 Level Four Speaking & Listen4.00ES 104English - 2nd Lang/Speaking 4 4.00
IEPG044 Level Four Composition4.00ES 114English - 2nd Lang/Grammar 4 4.00
IEPG051 Level Five Grammar4.00ES 999ESL Elective4.00
IEPG052 Level Five Reading4.00ES 999ESL Elective4.00
IEPG053 Level Five Speaking & Listen4.00ES 999ESL Elective4.00
IEPG054 Level Five Composition4.00ES 999ESL Elective4.00
IEPG061 Level Six Grammar4.00ES 999ESL Elective4.00
IEPG062 Level Six Reading4.00ES 999ESL Elective4.00
IEPG063 Level Six Speaking & Listening4.00 ES 999ESL Elective 4.00
IEPG064 Level Six Composition4.00ES 999ESL Elective4.00
IEPG090 Special Topics in IEPG3.00ES 999ESL Elective3.00
IEPG097 Special Studies in IEPG1.00ES 999ESL Elective1.00
INCT297 Special Studies in INCT4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
INCT317 Industrial Instrumental Anayl2.00TE 999Technology Elective 2.00
INSR243 Principles of Risk Mgmt & Insu3.00 BA 999Business Elective 3.00
INSR284 Personal Insurance3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
INSR290 Special Topics in INSR3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
INSR308 Insurance Company Operations3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
INSR338 Property & Casualty Insurance3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
INSR375 Employee Benefits3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
INTB310 International Business Systems3.00 BA 288Internatl Bus 3.00
INTB320 Export / Import Proc & Org3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
INTB335 Cross Cultural Business3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
INTB380 Regional Business Systems3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
INTB390 Special Topics in INTB4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
INTB397 Special Studies in INTB4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
ISYS101 Intro to Programming3.00CO 116Intro to Programming 3.00
ISYS105 Intro Micro Sys & Software3.00CO 101Intro to Computer Applications 3.00
ISYS110 Fundamentals of Comp Info Syst3.00 CO 116Intro to Programming 3.00
ISYS130 Internet Principles & Design3.00CO 145Using the Internet 3.00
ISYS200 Database Design & Implement3.00CO 170Intro to Database Software 3.00
ISYS202 Principles of Information Syst3.00 CO 110 Intro to Computer Info Systems3.00
ISYS204 Visual Basic Programming3.00CO 124VISUAL BASIC Programming 3.00
ISYS212 Intro to C++ Programming3.00CO 127C/C++ Programming 3.00
ISYS216 Intro to Object Oriented Prog3.00CO 117Java Programming 3.00
ISYS220 Intro to Cobol Programming3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS265 Midrange Online Program Dev3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS270 Fund of Hardware / Oper System3.00 EL 265Computer Systems 3.00
ISYS270 Fund of Hardware / Oper System3.00 CO 265Computer Systems 3.00
ISYS275 Introduction to UNIX3.00CO 132UNIX Operating System 3.00
ISYS277 Linux Network Administration3.00CO 142UNIX Shell Programming 3.00
ISYS280 Current Software Topics3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS285 Advanced Micro Applications3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS290 Special Topics in ISYS3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS291 Cooperative Education3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS297 Special Studies in ISYS3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS300 Microcomputer Hardware Systems3.00 CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS301 Database Implementation3.00CO 171Database Design & Development 3.00
ISYS303 Systems Analysis Methods3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS304 Advanced Visual Basic Progam3.00CO 225Advanced BASIC Programming 3.00
ISYS305 Software Systems3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS307 Microsoft Network Admin3.00CO 235Adv LAN - NT Server 3.00
ISYS310 Novell Network Admin3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS311 Information Systems in Bus3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS312 Advanced C++ Programming3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS313 C++ for Java Progammers3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS315 Java for C++ Programmers3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS316 Advanced Object Oriented Prog3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS321 Business Information Systems3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS325 Networking Essentials3.00CO 230Intro to Telecommunications 3.00
ISYS330 Systems Analysis & Design3.00CO 224Systems Analysis 3.00
ISYS340 Advanced COBOL Programming4.00CO 999Computer Elective 4.00
ISYS350 Telecommunications3.00CO 230Intro to Telecommunications 3.00
ISYS365 Midrange SQL/DB Trigger Prog3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS371 Advanced DB Design & Implement3.00 CO 241Web Databases 3.00
ISYS375 Advanced UNIX Systems3.00CO 232UNIX System Administration 3.00
ISYS390 Special Topics in ISYS3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
ISYS397 Special Studies in ISYS3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
JRNL121 Writing for Mass Media3.00JR 251Introduction to Journalism 3.00
JRNL122 Reporting3.00JR 999Journalism Elective 3.00
JRNL228 Feature & Opinion Writing3.00JR 252Advanced Journalism 3.00
JRNL230 Publication Editing3.00JR 255Newspaper Production 3.00
JRNL251 Understanding Mass Media *S3.00JR 254Mass Media3.00
LANG100 Italian for Business & Travel3.00HU 998Foreign Language Elective 3.00
LANG103 Russian for Business & Travel3.00HU 998Foreign Language Elective 3.00
LANG105 Chinese for Business & Travel3.00HU 998Foreign Language Elective 3.00
LANG107 Japanese for Business & Travel3.00 HU 998Foreign Language Elective 3.00
LANG109 Hungarian for Business & Trave3.00 HU 998Foreign Language Elective 3.00
LANG110 Japanese Language3.00HU 998Foreign Language Elective 3.00
LANG111 Portuguese for Business & Trav3.00 HU 998Foreign Language Elective 3.00
LANG290 Special Topics in LANG6.00HU 998Foreign Language Elective 6.00
LANG297 Special Topics in LANG3.00HU 998Foreign Language Elective 3.00
LITR150 Introduction to Literature3.00EN 242Popular Literature 3.00
LITR170 Women in Contemporary Culture3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR180 Topics in American Lit & Cultu3.00 EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR197 Special Studies in Literature3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR202 Black Literature3.00EN 271African-American Literature 3.00
LITR203 Intro - African Literature3.00EN 271African-American Literature 3.00
LITR204 Native American Literature3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR231 Poetry3.00EN 233Poetry3.00
LITR233 Science Fiction3.00EN 237Fiction3.00
LITR241 Intro to World Short Fiction3.00EN 237Fiction3.00
LITR242 American Popular Literature3.00EN 261Great American Writers 1 3.00
LITR243 Literature & Film3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR250 Practical Criticism3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR251 World Drama3.00EN 270Multicultural Literature 3.00
LITR261 World Novels3.00EN 270Multicultural Literature 3.00
LITR286 Justice in Literature3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR287 Business in Literature3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR290 Special Topics in LITR3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR297 Special Studies in LITR1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
LITR300 Global Literature: Africa1.00EN 271African-American Literature 1.00
LITR301 Global Literature:Caribbean1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
LITR302 Global Literature: Europe1.00EN 281Survey of British Lit 1 1.00
LITR303 Global Literature: Asia1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
LITR304 Global Literature: India1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
LITR305 Global Literature: S America1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
LITR311 American Literature 13.00EN 261Great American Writers 1 3.00
LITR312 American Literature 23.00EN 262Great American Writers 2 3.00
LITR323 Shakespeare3.00EN 275Theatre Workshop 3.00
LITR326 Children's Literature3.00EN 250Children's Literature 3.00
LITR327 Adolescent Literature3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR328 Golden Age Children's Lit3.00EN 250Children's Literature 3.00
LITR330 Contemporary Literature3.00EN 242Popular Literature 3.00
LITR343 Crime & Violence in Literature3.00 EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR351 English Literature 13.00EN 281Survey of British Lit 1 3.00
LITR352 English Literature 23.00EN 282Survey of British Lit 2 3.00
LITR370 20th Century Women Writers3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR380 World Folk Literature3.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 3.00
LITR390 Special Topics in LITR1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
LITR397 Special Studies in Literature1.00EN 998English/Humanities Elective 1.00
LLAW160 Law in the United States 13.00BA 207Business Law-1 3.00
LLAW161 Law in the United States 24.00BA 208Business Law-2 4.00
LLAW251 Criminal Law & Procedure3.00CJ 235Criminal Law3.00
LLAW253 Advanced Legal Research Write2.00BA 999Business Elective 2.00
LLAW260 Real Estate Law3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
LLAW261 Probate & Estate Planning3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
LLAW280 Civil Litigation4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
LLAW290 Special Topics in LLAW4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
LLAW291 Practice Studies2.00BA 999Business Elective 2.00
LLAW297 Special Studies in Law1.00BA 999Business Elective 1.00
MATH110 Fundamentals of Algebra4.00MA 104Elementary Algebra 4.00
MATH115 Intermediate Algebra3.00MA 107Intermediate Algebra 3.00
MATH116 Intermediate Algebra & Num Tri4.00 MA 108Trigonometry 4.00
MATH117 Contemporary Mathematics4.00MA 124Math For Liberal Arts Students 4.00
MATH118 Math for Elementary Teachers 13.00 MA 210Math Elem Inst 3.00
MATH119 Math for Elementary Teachers 23.00 MA 211Math Elem Inst 2 3.00
MATH120 Trigonometry3.00MA 108Trigonometry3.00
MATH122 Math Analysis for Business3.00MA 127Finite Math Ap 3.00
MATH126 Algebra & Analytic Trig4.00MA 110College Algebra 4.00
MATH130 Adv Algebra & Analytical Trig4.00MA 131Precalculus4.00
MATH132 Calculus for Business3.00BA 150Business Mathematics 3.00
MATH135 Calculus for the Life Sciences3.00 MA 129Survey of Calculus 3.00
MATH190 Special Topics in MATH1.00MA 999Mathematics Elective 1.00
MATH216 Applied Calculus4.00MA 129Survey of Calculus 4.00
MATH220 Analytical Geometry & Calc 15.00MA 133Analytic Geometry & Calculus 1 5.00
MATH226 Fourier Series & Appl Diff Equ4.00 MA 257Lin Alg Dif Eq 4.00
MATH230 Analytical Geometry & Calc 25.00MA 134Analytic Geometry & Calculus 2 5.00
MATH251 Statistics for the Life Sci3.00MA 215Statistics3.00
MATH290 Special Topics in MATH4.00MA 999Mathematics Elective 4.00
MATH310 Linear Models in Statistics3.00MA 999Mathematics Elective 3.00
MATH314 Probability3.00MA 245Discrete Math 3.00
MATH320 Analytical Geometry & Calc 33.00MA 255Analytic Geometry & Calculus 3 3.00
MATH322 Linear Algebra3.00MA 257Lin Alg Dif Eq 3.00
MATH324 Fund Concepts in Mathematics3.00MA 999Mathematics Elective 3.00
MATH325 College Geometry3.00MA 999Mathematics Elective 3.00
MATH327 Theory of Numbers3.00MA 999Mathematics Elective 3.00
MATH328 Discrete Structures3.00MA 245Discrete Math 3.00
MATH330 Differential Equations3.00MA 257Lin Alg Dif Eq 3.00
MATH340 Numerical Analysis3.00MA 999Mathematics Elective 3.00
MATH360 Operations Research3.00MA 999Mathematics Elective 3.00
MATH380 Applied Analysis3.00MA 999Mathematics Elective 3.00
MATH385 Actuarial Sci Prof Exam Prep 11.00 MA 999Mathematics Elective 1.00
MATL240 Introduction to Material Sci4.00TE 114Industrial Science 4.00
MATL241 Formability of Materials3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
MATL297 Special Studies in MATL1.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 1.00
MATL341 Material Selection Metals3.00MN 234Metallurgy3.00
MECH111 MET Seminar1.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 1.00
MECH122 Computer Applications in Tech2.00CO 999Computer Elective 2.00
MECH211 Fluid Mechanics4.00MN 217Hydraulics4.00
MECH212 Kinematics of Mechanisms2.00MN 113Mechanical Power Transmission 2.00
MECH221 Mechanical Measure / Comp Apps4.00 EG 999Engineering Elective 4.00
MECH222 Machine Design4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
MECH223 Thermodynamics3.00PH 999Physics Elective 3.00
MECH250 Fluid Power with Controls2.00MN 217Hydraulics2.00
MECH297 Special Studies in MECH4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
MECH330 Heat Transfer3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
MECH340 Statics & Strength of Matls4.00EG 208Statics4.00
MECH341 Lab Statics & Strength Matls1.00EG 208Statics1.00
MECH360 Dynamics3.00EG 212Dynamics3.00
MECH390 Special Topics in MECH1.00TE 999Technology Elective 1.00
MECH393 Industrial Internship4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
MFGE311 Industrial Engineering4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
MFGE312 CNC & CAM4.00MN 235CNC And NC Machine Programming 4.00
MFGE313 Comp Apps for Mfg Engineers2.00CO 999Computer Elective 2.00
MFGE321 Metrology3.00MN 250Materials Handling 2.00
MFGE321 Metrology3.00MN 251Gages For Measurements 1.00
MFGE322 Production Processes3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
MFGE323 Quality Engineering5.00MN 248Quality Assurance 3.00
MFGE323 Quality Engineering5.00MN 249Statistical Process Control 2.00
MFGE324 Tool Engineering3.00DR 212Tool Design3.00
MFGE325 Die Design4.00DR 225Advanced Die Design 2.00
MFGE325 Die Design4.00DR 224Die Design2.00
MFGE326 Process Tolerance Design Analy2.00 MN 252Geometric Tolerancing 2.00
MFGE341 Quality Science Statistics3.00MN 248Quality Assurance 2.00
MFGE341 Quality Science Statistics3.00MN 249Statistical Process Control 1.00
MFGE342 Statistical Process Engineerin3.00 MN 249Statistical Process Control 3.00
MFGE351 Intro to Industrial Engineerin3.00 MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
MFGE352 Design for Manufacturing2.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 2.00
MFGE353 Statistical Quality Control3.00MN 249Statistical Process Control 3.00
MFGE354 Lean Mfg Concepts & Prac3.00MN 248Quality Assurance 3.00
MFGE390 Special Topics in MFGE1.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 1.00
MFGE393 Internship - Mfg Engineering4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
MFGE397 Special Studies in MFGE1.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 1.00
MFGT111 Metal Removal 18.00MN 119Intro Machine Operations 8.00
MFGT112 Machinery Handbook Calc3.00MN 213Machinery's Handbook 3.00
MFGT121 Metal Removal 28.00MN 200Intmd Mach Opr 8.00
MFGT122 CNC Manual Part Progamming4.00MN 235CNC And NC Machine Programming 4.00
MFGT150 Manufacturing Processes2.00MN 199Theory Of Machine Shop 2.00
MFGT153 Die Construction & Repair3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
MFGT211 Metal Forming Die Construction8.00 MN 999Manufacturing Elective 8.00
MFGT212 CAD/CAM for CNC Machinery4.00MN 236Cam Machine Programming 4.00
MFGT221 Plastic Mold Construction4.00DR 241Mold Design and Theory 4.00
MFGT251 Die Tryout4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
MFGT252 Advanced Machine Tools2.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 2.00
MFGT253 Die Estimating / Project MGMT3.00DR 224Die Design3.00
MFGT290 Special Topics in MFGT4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
MFGT297 Special Studies in MFGT4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
MGMT297 Special Studies in MGMT4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
MGMT301 Applied Management3.00BA 283Business Management 3.00
MGMT302 Organizational Behavior3.00BA 282Organization Behavior 3.00
MGMT305 Supervision & Leadership3.00BA 183Supervision3.00
MGMT310 Small Business Management3.00BA 286Small Business Management 3.00
MGMT355 Managerial Economics3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MGMT357 Risk Management3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MGMT370 Quality / Operations Managemen3.00 BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MGMT371 Production / Oper Management3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MGMT373 Human Resource Management3.00BA 284Personnel Management 3.00
MGMT375 Negotiations3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MGMT377 International Human Res Mgmt3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MGMT380 Business Forecasting3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MGMT390 Special Topics in Management4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
MGMT397 Special Studies in MGMT1.00BA 999Business Elective 1.00
MIMG101 Orientation - MIMG1.00BA 999Business Elective 1.00
MIMG192 Cooperative Education 12.00BA 999Business Elective 2.00
MIMG292 Cooperative Education 22.00BA 999Business Elective 2.00
MKTG231 Professional Selling3.00BA 172Sales3.00
MKTG290 Special Topics in MKTG3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MKTG321 Principles of Marketing3.00BA 270Marketing3.00
MKTG322 Consumer Behavior3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MKTG341 Credits & Collections3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MKTG365 Transportation3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MKTG375 Mktg for Non-Profit Org3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MKTG378 Marketing for Data Analysis3.00BA 272Marketing Problems 3.00
MKTG383 Direct Marketing3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
MKTG397 Special Studies in MKTG1.00BA 999Business Elective 1.00
MRIS101 Intro to Health Info Systems4.00GH 999General Health Elective 4.00
MRIS102 Orientation to Medical Vocab1.00GH 110Medical Terminology 1 1.00
MRIS103 Medical Terminology4.00GH 111Med Terminol 2 4.00
MRIS122 Health Information Systems 13.00GH 999General Health Elective 3.00
MRIS204 ICD Coding4.00GH 999General Health Elective 4.00
MRIS209 Quality Assurance4.00GH 999General Health Elective 4.00
MRIS210 Fundamentals of Medical Sci3.00AD 999Nursing Elective 3.00
MRIS211 CPT Coding3.00GH 999General Health Elective 3.00
MRIS222 Health Info Science 13.00GH 999General Health Elective 3.00
MRIS228 Intro to Med Billing / Reimbur2.00 BA 999Business Elective 2.00
MRIS290 Special Topics in MRIS4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
MRIS293 Professional Practice 16.00BA 999Business Elective 6.00
MRIS297 Special Studies in MRIS4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
MSCI101 Basic Military Skills 12.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 2.00
MSCI102 Basic Military Skills 22.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 2.00
MSCI190 Special Topics in MSCI3.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
MSCI197 Special Studies in MSCI3.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
MSCI201 Military Leadership 1 & Tactic2.00 CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 2.00
MSCI202 Military Instruct & Unit Tact2.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 2.00
MSCI293 Military Science Basic Camp3.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
MSCI297 Special Studies in MSCI3.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
MSCI301 Military Tactics & Leadership3.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
MSCI302 Military Training & Operations3.00 CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
MSCI393 ROTC Advance Camp6.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 6.00
MSCI397 Special Studies in MSCI3.00CJ 999Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
MUSI121 Fundamentals of Music2.00MU 999Music Elective 2.00
MUSI131 Music for Elementary Teachers1.00MU 999Music Elective 1.00
MUSI160 Concert Band1.00MU 999Music Elective 1.00
MUSI201 Beginning Class Piano3.00MU 999Music Elective 3.00
MUSI221 Music Appreciation3.00MU 107Intro To Music Listening-1 3.00
MUSI228 Amer Pop Music Since 19003.00MU 999Music Elective 3.00
MUSI232 Music & Culture3.00MU 999Music Elective 3.00
MUSI251 Concert Choir1.00MU 999Music Elective 1.00
MUSI254 The Ferris Wheels Mens Ensembl1.00 MU 999Music Elective 1.00
MUSI271 Chamber Orchestra1.00MU 999Music Elective 1.00
MUSI272 Chamber Music1.00MU 999Music Elective 1.00
MUSI273 Music Private Lesson Practicum1.00 MU 999Music Elective 1.00
MUSI280 Jazz Ensemble1.00MU 999Music Elective 1.00
MUSI290 Special Topics in MUSI3.00MU 999Music Elective 3.00
MUSI297 Special Studies in MUSI3.00MU 999Music Elective 3.00
NMPP330 Digital Multimedia Production3.00CO 140Comp Enhanc Presentations 3.00
NMPP375 Quality Cont System in Printin3.00 BA 999Business Elective 3.00
NUCM120 Principles of Nuclear Medicine6.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 6.00
NUCM125 Nuc Med Non-Imaging Procedures3.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 3.00
NUCM135 Nuclear Med Imaging Procedures4.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 4.00
NUCM140 Cross-Sectional Imaging1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
NUCM291 Clinical Apps of Nuc Med 112.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 12.00
NUCM292 Clinical Apps in Nuclear Med 212.00 AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 12.00
NUCM340 Advanced Imaging Tech2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
NUCM360 Mgmt & Leadership - Nuc Med Te1.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
NURS101 Illness Prev & Health Maint1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
NURS102 Diverse Populations and Health1.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
NURS105 Nursing Pharmacology2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
NURS106 Clinical Nursing 16.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 6.00
NURS114 Maternity Nursing2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
NURS116 Clinical Nursing 28.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 8.00
NURS197 Special Studies in NURS6.00AD 999Nursing Elective 6.00
NURS201 Health Promo & Hgh Lev Wellnes1.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
NURS224 Nursing in Children2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
NURS226 Clinical Nursing 39.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 9.00
NURS228 Nursing of the Elderly2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
NURS230 Transition into Tech Nursing2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
NURS234 Psychiatric Nursing2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
NURS236 Clinical Nursing 49.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 9.00
NURS290 Special Topics in Nursing3.00AD 999Nursing Elective 3.00
NURS297 Special Studies in NURS6.00AD 999Nursing Elective 6.00
NURS310 Nursing Health Promotion3.00AD 999Nursing Elective 3.00
NURS312 Nursing Health Assessment3.00AD 999Nursing Elective 3.00
NURS324 Transition / Professional Nurs3.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 3.00
PDET311 Seminar in Product Design1.00TE 999Technology Elective 1.00
PDET312 Advanced Tolerancing2.00TE 999Technology Elective 2.00
PDET321 Applied Mechanics & Kinematics3.00 TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
PDET322 Model & Prototype Development2.00TE 999Technology Elective 2.00
PDET393 PDET Professional Internship4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
PDET397 Special Studies Prod Design6.00TE 999Technology Elective 6.00
PGMG101 Orientation to Prof Golf Mgmt1.00PE 998PE Theory1.00
PGMG102 GPTP Orientation1.00PE 998PE Theory1.00
PGMG192 Cooperative Education 12.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PGMG292 Cooperative Education 22.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PGMG340 Fundamentals / Golf Instructio2.00 PE 998PE Theory 2.00
PGMG392 Cooperative Education 32.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PHAD310 Profession of Pharmacy3.00GH 999General Health Elective 3.00
PHAD360 Institutional Pharmacy2.00BA 999Business Elective 2.00
PHAR325 Pharmaceutics 13.00AD 999Nursing Elective 3.00
PHAR326 Pharmaceutics 24.00AD 999Nursing Elective 4.00
PHCH320 Medical Biochemistry5.00AD 999Nursing Elective 5.00
PHCH330 Intro Drug Action / Diagnostic4.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 4.00
PHCH362 Selected Topics in Biochemistr2.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
PHCL352 Selected Topic-Pathophysiology2.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
PHED101 Intercollegiate Athletics1.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 1.00
PHED111 Intro to Fitness & Wellness1.00WE 165Dynamics Of Fitnessavior 1.00
PHED112 Fitness & Wellness2.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 2.00
PHED113 Strength Training1.00WE 155Advanced Weight Training 1.00
PHED115 Aerobics1.00WE 125Aerobic Conditioning Program 1.00
PHED121 Beginner & Intermediate Swim1.00WE 144Beginning Swimming 1.00
PHED123 Fitness Swimming1.00WE 145Intermediate Swimming 1.00
PHED125 Water Aerobics1.00WE 166Ind Aerob Cond 1.00
PHED131 Volleyball1.00WE 102Volleyball1.00
PHED141 Basketball1.00WE 105Basketball1.00
PHED147 Badminton1.00WE 131Badminton (Coed) 1.00
PHED151 Racquetball1.00WE 142Beginning Racquetball 1.00
PHED157 Karate2.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 2.00
PHED161 Golf1.00WE 132Golf (Coed)1.00
PHED171 Tennis1.00WE 130Tennis (Coed) 1.00
PHED174 Dance2.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 2.00
PHED181 Skiing1.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 1.00
PHED185 Ice Dancing1.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 1.00
PHED189 Bowling1.00WE 152Bowling (Coed) 1.00
PHED190 Special Topics in PHED3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
PHED210 Sports Performance1.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 1.00
PHED212 Biathlon / Triathlon2.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PHED215 Physical Education Activities3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
PHED220 Human Motor Development3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
PHED221 Lifegaurd Training3.00PE 195Water Safety Instruction 3.00
PHED223 Advanced Fitness & Conditionin3.00 PE 998PE Theory 3.00
PHED225 Officiating Basketball2.00PE 185Sports Officiating 2.00
PHED226 Officiating Football2.00PE 180Football Theory 2.00
PHED227 Officiating Softball / Basebal2.00 PE 181Baseball Theory 2.00
PHED229 Lifegrd Train/Water Sfty Instr3.00 PE 195Water Safety Instruction 3.00
PHED230 Principles of Athletic Trainin2.00 PE 184Principles Of Physical Educ 2.00
PHED261 Intermediate Golf1.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 1.00
PHED265 Practicum: Golf1.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 1.00
PHED275 Practicum: Tennis1.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 1.00
PHED290 Special Topics in PHED3.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 3.00
PHED297 Special Studies in Physical Ed4.00 WE 999Physical Education Elective 4.00
PHED304 PACE Coaching Cert 22.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PHED312 Adapted Physical Education2.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PHED322 Teaching & Coaching Basketball3.00 PE 182Basketball Theory 3.00
PHED323 Teaching & Coaching Baseball3.00PE 181Baseball Theory 3.00
PHED324 Teaching & Coaching Track/Fiel3.00 PE 183Track & Field Theory 3.00
PHED327 Teaching & Coaching Sel Sports3.00 PE 998PE Theory 3.00
PHED328 Teaching & Coaching Ind Sports3.00 PE 998PE Theory 3.00
PHED338 Biomechanics3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
PHED397 Special Studies in Phy Edu4.00PE 998PE Theory4.00
PHOT101 Photography3.00PO 999Photography Elective 3.00
PHOT297 Special Studies in PHOT3.00PO 999Photography Elective 3.00
PHPR303 Integrated Lab 12.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 2.00
PHPR304 Integrated Lab 22.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 2.00
PHPR397 Special Studies in Pharmacy4.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 4.00
PHSC110 Inquiry into the Earth System4.00PC 999Physical Science Elective 4.00
PHSC115 Inquiry into Physical Science4.00PC 101General Physical Science 4.00
PHSC290 Special Topics in PHSC4.00PC 999Physical Science Elective 4.00
PHSC297 Special Studies in PHSC4.00PC 999Physical Science Elective 4.00
PHSV297 Independent Study-Non Major4.00NS 777LNatural Science/Lab Elective 4.00
PHYS130 Concepts in Physics4.00PH 115Appl Physics4.00
PHYS211 Introductory Physics 14.00PH 125College Physics 1 4.00
PHYS212 Introductory Physics 24.00PH 126College Physics 2 4.00
PHYS241 General Physics 15.00PH 245Calculus Physics-1 5.00
PHYS242 General Physics 25.00PH 246Calculus Physics-2 5.00
PHYS260 Statics3.00EG 208Statics3.00
PHYS261 Dynamics3.00PH 245Calculus Physics-1 3.00
PHYS311 Intro to Modern Physics3.00PH 245Calculus Physics-1 3.00
PHYS397 Special Studies in PHYS4.00PH 999Physics Elective 4.00
PLSC121 Amer Govt 1: People & Politics3.00 PS 110Survey of American Government 3.00
PLSC122 Amer Govt 2: Policy Making3.00PS 110Survey of American Government 3.00
PLSC221 American Political Parties3.00PS 999Political Science Elective 3.00
PLSC225 Govt Processes & Procedure3.00PS 999Political Science Elective 3.00
PLSC251 Public Administration3.00PS 999Political Science Elective 3.00
PLSC290 Special Topics in PLSC3.00PS 999Political Science Elective 3.00
PLSC297 Special Studies in PLSC3.00PS 999Political Science Elective 3.00
PLSC311 Amer State & Local Govt3.00PS 200State & Local Politics 3.00
PLSC323 International Organization3.00PS 202International Relations 3.00
PLSC331 Comparative World Govt3.00PS 201Comp Eur Govts 3.00
PLSC341 International Politics3.00PS 202International Relations 3.00
PLSC390 Special Topics in PLSC1.00PS 999Political Science Elective 1.00
PLSC397 Special Studies in PLSC3.00PS 999Political Science Elective 3.00
PLTS100 Survey Plastics / Elastomer2.00MN 219Survey of Polymer Technology 2.00
PLTS110 Intro to Plastics Technology3.00MN 220Basic Plastics Processing 3.00
PLTS121 Plastics Processing 14.00MN 244Advanced Plastics Processing 4.00
PLTS190 Special Topics in PLTS4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
PLTS193 Industrial Internship 11.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 1.00
PLTS197 Special Studies in PLTS5.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 5.00
PLTS211 Plastics Processing 25.00MN 242Applied Injection Molding 5.00
PLTS212 Plastics Prod & Tool Design 15.00DR 241Mold Design and Theory 5.00
PLTS220 Plastic/Elastic Mat/Additive4.00MN 219Survey of Polymer Technology 4.00
PLTS223 Plastics Testing & Phys Prop5.00MN 165Plastics Testing 5.00
PLTS290 Special Topics in PLTS3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
PLTS297 Special Studies in PLTS4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
PLTS300 Plastics Engineering Mgmt Sys4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
PLTS312 Plastics Product & Tool Des 24.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
PLTS320 Plastics & Elastic Matl & Addi3.00 MN 220Basic Plastics Processing 3.00
PLTS321 Advanced Injection Molding4.00MN 242Applied Injection Molding 4.00
PLTS325 Plastics Technology for MET2.00MN 220Basic Plastics Processing 2.00
PLTS342 Plastic Matl Section - PDET3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
PLTS361 Plastics Composites2.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 2.00
PLTS390 Special Topics in PLTS3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
PLTS393 Industrial Internship 24.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
PLTS397 Special Studies in PLTS3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
PMGT351 Printing Production Estimating3.00 AT 999Art Elective 3.00
PMGT361 Printing Production Planning5.00AT 999Art Elective5.00
PMGT362 Printing Management5.00AT 999Art Elective5.00
PMGT383 Production Cost Analysis3.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
PMGT390 Special Topics in PMGT3.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
PMGT393 Printing Management Internship4.00 AT 999Art Elective 4.00
PREL101 Contemp Public Relations1.00BA 999Business Elective 1.00
PREL190 Special Topics in PREL3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
PREL220 Public Relations Writing4.00BA 999Business Elective 4.00
PREL240 Public Relations Principles3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
PREL341 Public Relations Tools3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
PREL342 Public Relations Tactics3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
PSYC150 Intoduction to Psychology3.00PY 201General Psychology 3.00
PSYC190 Special Topics in PSYC1.00PY 999Psychology Elective 1.00
PSYC197 Special Studies in PSYC3.00PY 999Psychology Elective 3.00
PSYC210 Stats for Psychological Scienc3.00 PY 281Introduction To Statistics 3.00
PSYC226 Lifespan Human Development3.00PY 232Developmental Psychology 3.00
PSYC241 Psych-Exceptional Children3.00PY 233Child Psychology 3.00
PSYC280 Psych Res Methods & Design3.00PY 281Introduction To Statistics 3.00
PSYC290 Special Topics in PSYC3.00PY 999Psychology Elective 3.00
PSYC297 Special Studies in PSYC3.00PY 999Psychology Elective 3.00
PSYC310 Psychology of Teaching3.00PY 251Educational Psychology 3.00
PSYC325 Social Psychology3.00PY 260Social Psychology 3.00
PSYC326 Indust-Organizat'l Psychology3.00PY 999Psychology Elective 3.00
PSYC331 Psychology of Personality3.00PY 203Appl Psych3.00
PSYC341 Child Psychology3.00PY 233Child Psychology 3.00
PSYC342 Psychology of Adolescence3.00PY 234Adolescent Psychology 3.00
PSYC360 Physiological Psychology3.00PY 999Psychology Elective 3.00
PSYC365 Sensation & Perception3.00PY 999Psychology Elective 3.00
PSYC397 Special Studies in PSYC3.00PY 999Psychology Elective 3.00
PTEC101 Intro to Graphic Communication3.00 AT 999Art Elective 3.00
PTEC112 Printing Technology2.00AT 999Art Elective2.00
PTEC123 Bindery & Finishing Operations4.00 AT 999Art Elective 4.00
PTEC132 Digital Scan & Tone Reprod3.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
PTEC143 Photo Imaging & Assembly4.00AT 999Art Elective4.00
PTEC153 Electronic Pagination System 14.00 AT 999Art Elective 4.00
PTEC161 Sheetfed Offset Presswork 14.00AT 999Art Elective4.00
PTEC231 Screen Process Printing4.00AT 999Art Elective4.00
PTEC232 Digital Imaging3.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
PTEC243 Digital & Color Image Assembly3.00 AT 999Art Elective 3.00
PTEC251 Introduction to Estimating2.00AT 999Art Elective2.00
PTEC253 Electronic Pagination System 23.00 AT 999Art Elective 3.00
PTEC261 Sheetfed Offset Presswork 24.00AT 999Art Elective4.00
PTEC267 Web Offset Presswork4.00AT 999Art Elective4.00
PTEC273 Paper & Technology3.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
PTEC275 Digital Publishing4.00AT 999Art Elective4.00
PTEC281 Preventive Maintenance Systems2.00 AT 999Art Elective 2.00
PTEC290 Special Studies in PTEC4.00AT 999Art Elective4.00
PTEC297 Special Studies in PTEC4.00AT 999Art Elective4.00
PTMG101 Orientation to PTM1.00PE 998PE Theory1.00
PTMG172 Racquet Repair1.00PE 998PE Theory1.00
PTMG182 Beginning Teaching Techniques2.00ED 998Education/Lab Elective 2.00
PTMG191 PTM On-Going Co-Op 12.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PTMG272 Advanced Teaching Techniques2.00ED 998Education/Lab Elective 2.00
PTMG292 PTM Co-Op 22.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PTMG293 PTM Tennis Academy Co-Op 22.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PTMG372 Tournament / Activity Admin2.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PTMG392 PTM Co-Op 32.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PTMG393 PTM Tennis Academy Co-Op 32.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
PTMG397 Special Studies in PTMG1.00PE 998PE Theory1.00
RADI101 Rad Positioning & Proc 13.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 3.00
RADI102 Rad Positioning & Proc 23.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 3.00
RADI103 Advanced Rad Procedures3.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 3.00
RADI110 Principles of Rad Imaging 13.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 3.00
RADI111 Principles of Rad Imaging 23.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 3.00
RADI121 Rad Physics & Image Production3.00 RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 3.00
RADI122 Rad Protection & Biology3.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 3.00
RADI123 Rad Processing & Quality Assur2.00 RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 2.00
RADI190 Special Topics in RADI3.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 3.00
RADI201 Rad Quality Control1.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 1.00
RADI202 Radiographic Pathology1.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 1.00
RADI211 Pharmacology for RADS1.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 1.00
RADI212 Radiology Management1.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 1.00
RADI222 Advanced Imaging Modalities1.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 1.00
RADI291 Clincical Practicum 110.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 10.00
RADI292 Clinical Practicum 210.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 10.00
RADI293 Clinical Practicum 37.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 7.00
RADI299 Radiography Review Seminar1.00RT 999Radiologic Tech Elective 1.00
READ106 College Reading Methods3.00RD 100Intro Coll Reading 3.00
READ176 College Critical Reading3.00RD 102College Reading 3.00
REAL210 Principles of Real Estate3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
REAL290 Special Topics in REAL1.00BA 999Business Elective 1.00
REAL297 Special Studies in REAL3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
REAL305 Real Estate Appraisal3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
REAL330 Real Estate Invest & Mgmt3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
RESP100 Introduction to Respiratory Ca1.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP119 Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Phys4.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 4.00
RESP121 Infectious Pulmonary Disorders1.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP122 Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder1.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP135 Basic Respiratory Care Del2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
RESP136 Basic Respiratory Care Del Lab3.00 AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 3.00
RESP143 Basic Respiratory Care Pharmac1.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP165 Respiratory Care Procedures2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
RESP166 Respiratory Care Procedure Lab2.00 AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 2.00
RESP190 Special Topics in RESP1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP193 Clinical Practicum 16.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 6.00
RESP197 Special Studies in RESP1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP205 Noninfectious Pulmonary Diseas1.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP210 Basic Diagnostics2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
RESP211 Basic Diagnostics Laboratory2.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 2.00
RESP215 Ventilation Concepts1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP220 Adult Ventilation1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP221 Adult Ventilation Laboratory2.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 2.00
RESP235 Advanced Cardiopulmonary Diag1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP236 Advanced Diagnostic Lab2.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 2.00
RESP240 Neonatal/Peds Resp Disorders1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP242 Advanced Resp Care Pharmocolog1.00 AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP253 Neonatal/Peds Resp Care2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
RESP254 Neonatal/Peds Resp Care Lab2.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 2.00
RESP262 Resp Care Credential Exam Rev1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP290 Special Topics in RESP1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
RESP291 Neonatal / Pediatric Clinical3.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 3.00
RESP292 Adult Critical Care Clinical9.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 9.00
RESP293 Clincical Practicum 212.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 12.00
RESP297 Special Studies in RESP4.00AD 999Nursing Elective 4.00
RETG229 Visual Merchandising3.00IF 999Interior Decor/Design Elective 3.00
RETG337 Principles of Retailing3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
RETG339 Retail Merchandising3.00BA 999Business Elective 3.00
RFIM101 Orientation to Hospitality Ind1.00 CA 999Culinary Arts Elective 1.00
RFIM110 Intro to Hospitality Industry3.00CA 102Intro to Hospitality Industry 3.00
RFIM111 Principles of Food Science3.00CA 114Food Production 3.00
RFIM113 Sanitation & Safety3.00CA 111Restaurant Sanitation & Safety 3.00
RFIM114 Menu Planning/Nutrition3.00CA 112Menu Planning and Nutrition 3.00
RFIM115 Food & Labor Cost Control Sys3.00CA 201Food Serv Cost Controls 3.00
RFIM127 Principles of Cooking & Baking3.00 CA 114Food Production 3.00
RFIM190 Special Topics in RFIM4.00CA 999Culinary Arts Elective 4.00
RFIM204 Food & Beverage Operat in Club3.00 CA 235Beverage Management 3.00
RFIM207 Beverage Management3.00CA 235Beverage Management 3.00
RFIM211 Purchasing: Hospitality Indust3.00 CA 212Food Purchasing 3.00
RFIM214 Design/Layout of Foodservice3.00CA 999Culinary Arts Elective 3.00
RFIM226 World Cuisines3.00CA 280Cuisine and Culture 3.00
RFIM227 Industry Exploration3.00CA 102Intro to Hospitality Industry 3.00
RFIM229 Dining Room Service Mgmt3.00CA 115Table Service 3.00
RFIM292 RFIM Cooperative Education3.00CA 180Coop Educ CA3.00
RFIM297 Special Topics in RFIM4.00CA 999Culinary Arts Elective 4.00
RFIM299 Quantity Food Management6.00CA 114Food Production 6.00
RMLS121 Introduction to Leisure Servic3.00 PE 998PE Theory 3.00
RMLS130 Prin/Prac of Outdoor Env Educ3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS169 Beginning Backpacking2.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
RMLS172 Rock Climbing1.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 1.00
RMLS178 Cross Country Skiing1.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 1.00
RMLS180 Rec Leadership & Supervision3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS211 Found of Outdoor Living Skills3.00 PE 998PE Theory 3.00
RMLS213 Health Promotion in Workplace2.00PE 998PE Theory2.00
RMLS224 Cycling2.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 2.00
RMLS225 Outdoor Recreation Management3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS231 Canoe Touring2.00WE 192Camping And Canoeing 2.00
RMLS232 Winter Backpacking2.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 2.00
RMLS234 Initiatives & Low Elements2.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 2.00
RMLS236 Rock Climbing Instr Training2.00WE 999Physical Education Elective 2.00
RMLS240 Inclusive Recreation Program3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS242 Program & Eval of Leisure Srv3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS245 Camp Leadership & Programming3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS290 Special Topics in RMLS3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS294 Field Exper in Leisure Service3.00 PE 998PE Theory 3.00
RMLS297 Special Studies in RMLS3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS316 Fitness Test Measurement Presc3.00 PE 998PE Theory 3.00
RMLS318 Ropes Course Facil Skills3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS320 LS Facilities & Area Maint Mgm3.00 PE 998PE Theory 3.00
RMLS340 Commercial Recreation3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS345 LS Planning/Design-Facil Areas3.00 PE 998PE Theory 3.00
RMLS348 Risk Mgmt for Leisure Services2.00 PE 998PE Theory 2.00
RMLS390 Special Topics in RMLS3.00PE 998PE Theory3.00
RMLS397 Special Studies in RMLS4.00PE 998PE Theory4.00
RUBR110 Intro to Rubber Technology3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
RUBR121 Rubber Processing I3.00TE 999Technology Elective 3.00
RUBR193 Rubber Tech Internship*W4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
RUBR211 Rubber Processing II4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
RUBR212 Rubber Tool Design & Const2.00TE 999Technology Elective 2.00
RUBR223 Rubber Measure & Testing4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
RUBR297 Special Studies in RUBR1.00TE 999Technology Elective 1.00
RUBR312 Rubber Product Design4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
RUBR321 Rubber Compounds Compding4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
RUBR393 Intern in Rubber Eng Tech *W4.00TE 999Technology Elective 4.00
SCWK110 Intro to Social Work Professio2.00 SO 205Social Work 2.00
SCWK130 Soc Work Interviewing Skill 13.00SW 103Social Work Interv./Assessment 3.00
SCWK170 Agency & Program Orientation1.00SW 999Social Work Elective 1.00
SCWK191 Introduction Field Experience3.00SW 999Social Work Elective 3.00
SCWK210 Intro to Social Welfare3.00SW 102Intro Social Welfare 3.00
SCWK220 Theories /Methods of Practice4.00SW 999Social Work Elective 4.00
SCWK240 Foundations of Practice3.00SW 999Social Work Elective 3.00
SCWK261 Soc Srvc for Children / Youth2.00SW 999Social Work Elective 2.00
SCWK262 Health Related Social Services3.00 SW 999Social Work Elective 3.00
SCWK263 Substance Abuse: The Problems2.00SW 999Social Work Elective 2.00
SCWK264 Substance Abuse:Treatment Prev4.00 SW 999Social Work Elective 4.00
SCWK265 Social Services in Corrections3.00 SW 999Social Work Elective 3.00
SCWK290 Special Topics in SCWK3.00SW 999Social Work Elective 3.00
SCWK297 Special Studies in SCWK3.00SW 999Social Work Elective 3.00
SCWK310 Social Welfare Policy Analysis3.00 SW 103 Social Work Interv./Assessment3.00
SCWK320 Theories/Methods of Practice 24.00 SW 999Social Work Elective 4.00
SCWK330 Social Work Interviewing 23.00SW 103Social Work Interv./Assessment 3.00
SCWK361 Legal Aspects of Social Work2.00SW 999Social Work Elective 2.00
SCWK370 Field Instruction Orientation1.00SW 999Social Work Elective 1.00
SCWK397 Special Studies in SCWK3.00SW 999Social Work Elective 3.00
SOCY121 Introductory Sociology3.00SO 251Principles of Sociology 3.00
SOCY122 Social Problems3.00SO 254Social Problems 3.00
SOCY190 Special Topics in SOCY3.00SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SOCY225 Marriage & the Family3.00SO 270Amer Families in Transition 3.00
SOCY230 Gender Roles in Society3.00SO 260Race & Ethnicity 3.00
SOCY242 Soc of Deviant Behavior3.00SO 265Crime in Society 3.00
SOCY290 Special Topics SOCY3.00SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SOCY297 Special Studies in SOCY3.00SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SOCY340 Minority Groups in America2.00SO 260Race & Ethnicity 2.00
SOCY341 Community Studies3.00SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SOCY344 World Urban Sociology3.00SO 295Comparative Sociology 3.00
SOCY345 The Field of Aging3.00SO 262Aging in American Society 3.00
SOCY350 Black Images in Popular Cultur3.00 SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SOCY355 Sociology of the Handicapped3.00SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SOCY361 Leisure & Society3.00SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SOCY370 Sociological Theory3.00SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SOCY373 Health / Illness in Society3.00SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SOCY390 Special Topics in Sociology3.00SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SOCY397 Special Studies in SOCY3.00SO 999Sociology Elective 3.00
SONO100 Introduction to DMS1.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 1.00
SONO101 SONO Prin & Instrumentation4.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 4.00
SONO110 Abdominal & Small Parts SONO4.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 4.00
SONO115 SONO Cross Sectional Anatomy1.00AD 999Nursing Elective 1.00
SONO120 Obstetrics & Gynecolog SONO4.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 4.00
SONO130 Hemo, Doppler & Color Flow Ap2.00AD 999Nursing Elective 2.00
SONO291 Clinical Practicum 112.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 12.00
SONO292 Clinical Practicum 212.00AD 998Nursing/Lab Elective 12.00
SONO297 Special Studies in SONO6.00AD 999Nursing Elective 6.00
SPAN100 Spanish for Business & Travel3.00SP 999Spanish Elective 3.00
SPAN101 Beginning Spanish 14.00SP 101Introductory Spanish-1 4.00
SPAN102 Beginning Spanish 24.00SP 102Introductory Spanish-2 4.00
SPAN121 Spanish for Professions3.00SP 999Spanish Elective 3.00
SPAN201 Intermediate Spanish 14.00SP 231Intermediate Spanish-1 4.00
SPAN202 Intermediate Spanish 24.00SP 232Intermediate Spanish-2 4.00
SPAN297 Special Studies in SPAN4.00SP 999Spanish Elective 4.00
SPAN301 Advanced Spanish 14.00SP 999Spanish Elective 4.00
SPAN302 Advanced Spanish 24.00SP 999Spanish Elective 4.00
SPAN331 Cont Culture / Soc of Spain3.00SS 999Social Science Elective 4.00
SPAN332 Cont Culture / Soc Mexico3.00SS 999Social Science Elective 3.00
SPAN333 Cont Cul/Soc Hispanic American3.00 SS 999Social Science Elective 3.00
SSCI114 Human Sexuality2.00SS 999Social Science Elective 2.00
SSCI201 Perspectives - Third World3.00SS 999Social Science Elective 3.00
SSCI290 Special Topics in SSCI3.00SS 999Social Science Elective 3.00
SSCI297 Special Topics in SSCI3.00SS 999Social Science Elective 3.00
SSCI310 Applied Social Research Method3.00 SS 999Social Science Elective 3.00
SSCI390 Special Topics in SSCI1.00SS 999Social Science Elective 1.00
SSCI397 Special Studies in SSCI3.00SS 999Social Science Elective 3.00
STQM260 Intro to Statistics3.00MA 215Statistics3.00
STQM290 Special Topics in STQM3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
STQM311 Cont Improvement Tools3.00MN 248Quality Assurance 3.00
STQM322 Inferential Statistics3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
STQM341 Management Science3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
STQM351 Quality Control for Management3.00 MN 248Quality Assurance 3.00
STQM390 Special Topics in STQM1.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 1.00
SURE110 Fundamentals of Surveying4.00AR 207Construction Surveying 4.00
SURE115 Intro to Computer Mapping2.00EG 999Engineering Elective 2.00
SURE116 Computational Tools / Survey2.00EG 999Engineering Elective 2.00
SURE215 Surveying Computation3.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE220 Engineering Surveying4.00EG 999Engineering Elective 4.00
SURE230 Advanced Surveying4.00EG 999Engineering Elective 4.00
SURE272 Geomatics Computation3.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE282 Geographic Info Systems3.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE290 Special Topics in SURE4.00EG 999Engineering Elective 4.00
SURE297 Special Studies in SURE4.00EG 999Engineering Elective 4.00
SURE321 Hydraulics Engineering4.00EG 999Engineering Elective 4.00
SURE325 Prin of Geographic Info System3.00 EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE329 Modern Cartography3.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE331 Ethics & Prof in ERGR/Tech3.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE339 Remote Sensing3.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE340 Photogrammetry3.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE365 Legal Aspects of Surv 13.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE372 Adv Surveying Computations3.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE373 Adjustment Computations3.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE382 Geographic Info Systems 23.00EG 999Engineering Elective 3.00
SURE390 Special Topics in SURE4.00EG 999Engineering Elective 4.00
THTR219 Beginning Technical Theatre3.00TH 261Theatre Technology 1 3.00
THTR222 Acting3.00TH 245Introduction to Acting 3.00
THTR224 Theatre Practicum1.00TH 999Theatre Elective 1.00
THTR225 Stage Make-Up1.00TH 999Theatre Elective 1.00
THTR255 Educational Theatre3.00TH 999Theatre Elective 3.00
THTR290 Special Topics in THTR1.00TH 999Theatre Elective 1.00
THTR297 Special Studies in THTR1.00TH 999Theatre Elective 1.00
THTR319 Stage Management2.00TH 999Theatre Elective 2.00
THTR322 Advanced Acting3.00TH 247Advanced Acting 3.00
THTR331 Theatre History 13.00TH 255Acting III: Classical Acting 3.00
THTR332 Theatre History 23.00TH 999Theatre Elective 3.00
THTR350 Lighting Design3.00AR 202Architectural Graphics-2 3.00
THTR365 Principles of Arts Management3.00TH 999Theatre Elective 3.00
THTR390 Special Topics in THTR1.00TH 999Theatre Elective 1.00
THTR397 Special Studies in THTR1.00TH 999Theatre Elective 1.00
TVPR110 Intro to Video Communications3.00JR 999Journalism Elective 3.00
TVPR120 Digital Imaging for Video3.00PO 999Photography Elective 3.00
TVPR126 Distance Learning Prod3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
TVPR132 Computer Systems for Video3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
TVPR136 Audio Production3.00JR 999Journalism Elective 3.00
TVPR210 Compositing Video3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
TVPR243 Video Production3.00HU 273Film Viewing and Construction 3.00
TVPR277 Film Production3.00PO 999Photography Elective 3.00
TVPR290 Special Topics in TVPR1.00PO 999Photography Elective 1.00
TVPR297 Special Studies in TVPR1.00PO 999Photography Elective 1.00
TVPR301 Television Studio Techniques3.00PO 999Photography Elective 3.00
TVPR314 Remote TV Production3.00PO 999Photography Elective 3.00
TVPR318 TV & Digital Media Practice3.00PO 252Intro To Television Production 3.00
TVPR320 Computer Animation Video3.00CO 150Intr Comput Anim 3.00
TVPR326 Television Production Writing3.00JR 999Journalism Elective 3.00
TVPR328 Streaming Media Production3.00JR 999Journalism Elective 3.00
TVPR343 Video Production 23.00HU 273Film Viewing and Construction 3.00
TVPR345 TV Studio Production4.00PO 252Intro To Television Production 4.00
TVPR389 Television Operations3.00PO 999Photography Elective 3.00
TVPR397 Special Studies in TVPR1.00PO 999Photography Elective 1.00
UNIV101 College Study Methods2.00PY 101Lng Adj To Col 2.00
UNIV105 Math Study Methods2.00MA 999Mathematics Elective 2.00
UNIV190 Special Topics in UNIV1.00ED 999Education Elective 1.00
UNIV197 Special Studies in UNIV1.00ED 999Education Elective 1.00
UNIV290 Special Topics in UNIV1.00ED 999Education Elective 1.00
UNIV297 Special Studies in UNIV1.00ED 999Education Elective 1.00
VISD109 Drawing for Media Applications3.00 AT 999Art Elective 3.00
VISD110 Design 13.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
VISD114 Design Survey3.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
VISD116 Computers in Visual Media3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
VISD118 Desktop Publishing3.00CO 162Intro to Desktop Publishing 3.00
VISD120 Design 23.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
VISD126 Digital Illustration & Layout3.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
VISD210 Typography3.00AT 999Art Elective3.00
VISD216 Digital Imaging3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
VISD226 Web Tools & Techniques3.00CO 146Web Design Fundamentals 3.00
VISD228 Web Design Application3.00CO 247Internet Scripting 3.00
VISD299 Typographics3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
VISD310 Communication Design 13.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
VISD312 Production Techniques3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
VISD316 Web Animation3.00CO 150Intro Computer Animation 3.00
VISD320 Communication Design 23.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
VISD326 Production Seminar3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
VISD328 Advanced Web Design3.00CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
VISD329 Interpretive Image Development3.00 CO 999Computer Elective 3.00
WELD111 Welding Processes 1 Lecture3.00MN 136Basic Arc Welding 5.00
WELD111 Welding Processes 1 Lecture3.00MN 134Basic Oxyacetylene Welding 3.00
WELD112 Welding Graphics2.00EG 110Industrial Graphics With CAD 2.00
WELD113 Welding Processes 1 Lab5.00MN 136Basic Arc Welding 5.00
WELD113 Welding Processes 1 Lab5.00MN 134Basic Oxyacetylene Welding 3.00
WELD116 Combined Weld-Auto Body Repair3.00 MN 116Basic Welding 3.00
WELD121 Welding Processes 2 Lecture3.00MN 231Welding Fabric, Design, Test 5.00
WELD121 Welding Processes 2 Lecture3.00MN 230Fund of TIG & MIG Welding 3.00
WELD123 Welding Processes 2 Lab5.00MN 231Welding Fabric, Design, Test 5.00
WELD123 Welding Processes 2 Lab5.00MN 230Fund of TIG & MIG Welding 3.00
WELD146 Welding for Heavy Equipment2.00MN 116Basic Welding 2.00
WELD211 Welding Fabrication 15.00MN 231Welding Fabric, Design, Test 5.00
WELD212 Quality Testing4.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
WELD221 Welding Fabrication 24.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
WELD222 Intro to Welding Automation3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
WELD290 Special Topics in WELD1.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 1.00
WELD297 Special Studies in WELD1.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 1.00
WELD311 Welding Automation & Robotic 14.00 MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
WELD312 Design of Weldments3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
WELD321 Welding Automation & Robotic 24.00 MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
WELD322 Advanced Resistance Welding3.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 3.00
WELD393 Internship in Welding Engr Tec4.00 MN 999Manufacturing Elective 4.00
WELD397 Special Studies in WELD1.00MN 999Manufacturing Elective 1.00