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Final Exam Schedule

For the Final Exam Schedule, please visit:

Examinations will be held in the regularly assigned room at the time indicated unless the appropriate Dean has approved a change in the time and/or place. Copies of any changes must be provided to the Department Head/Program Director and the appropriate academic secretary. If separate laboratory examinations are to be given, they will be scheduled in advance of the regular examination period.

  • Applied music examinations are held according to a scheduled prearranged by the Music Department.
  • Classes meeting one day per week on Fridays for 120 minutes or longer, or classes meeting in a condensed format (7 week, 10 week, etc.) will conduct the exam on the last regularly scheduled class day.

*Classes that end prior to 5 p.m. are day classes and are to follow this exam schedule. Classes that end after 5 p.m. are considered evening classes, and final exams are held on the last night of scheduled class.