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Prerequisite Waiver Form

Prerequisites are courses that are required to be taken prior to registering for a class. Prerequisites are a necessary foundation for student success. GRCC may prevent a student from enrolling in a class if the prerequisites have not been met.

Students requesting a prerequisite waiver must do both of the following:

  1. Complete the electronic form below.
  2. Provide an official or unofficial transcript to the appropriate office.

If you are requesting a prerequisite waiver for a course in one of the following areas, take or fax your official or unofficial transcript to the appropriate department:

Department Office Phone Fax
Nursing (AD,GH, NUR & PN) 601 CPP 616-234-4238 616-234-4234
Culinary Arts (CA) 117 ATC 616-234-3690 616-234-3698
Child Development (CD) 266 Main 616-234-3380 616-234-3370
Criminal Justice (CJ) White Hall 616-234-4280 616-234-3741
Interiors and Furnishing (IF) 300 CPP 616-234-4220 616-234-4229
Math (MA) 218 CPP 616-234-4253 616-234-4288
Music (MUS) 100 Music 616-234-3940 616-234-3973
Occupational Therapy Assistant (OT) 502 CPP 616-234-4349 616-234-4317
Photography (PO) 366 Main 616-234-4185 616-234-3368


For all other courses, please upload your official or unoffical transcript at the bottom of this form.  If you don't have an electronic copy of your  official or unoffical transcript you can fax or drop it off in person.  Our office information is listed below.

Department Office Phone Fax
Student Success & Retention 347 SCC 616-234-4839 616-234-2280

 Please understand that being granted a prerequisite waiver does not guarantee you will be able to enroll in a class. If you have any other questions, contact Student Success & Retention at 616-234-4839.

Personal Information
Course Information
Please list the GRCC course in which you are trying to enroll:
Prerequisite Requirement
Please list the course you have taken which meets the prerequisite requirement.
Please understand that being granted a prerequisite waiver does not guarantee you will be able to enroll in a class.You will be contacted via email or phone when a decision has been made about your request. Do not submit a request for BI 101 - this is a section reserved for Elementary Education majors. Select another section of BI101. Students must submit a prerequisite waiver form for the following 6 Math classes (only): MA-096, MA-134, MA-210, MA-245, MA-255, and MA-257. Any Math class not listed here does not need a form filled out.
Upload Transcript
*You will need to supply an official or unofficial transcript in order to have your prerequisite waiver considered.
Files must be less than 1.95 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png bmp tif txt rtf pdf doc docx.