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The Achieve stage is the culmination of what you’ve been working toward; the end result. Whether you came to GRCC to get an Associate’s Degree, to transfer to a four-year school, to gain a certificate or to get additional educational experience, the Achieve stage is where you show off all you have learned. Through your experiences here you have developed skills in time-management, communication, interpersonal relations, critical thinking and much more. Transferring to another school or starting your career is a major life transition. Put the skills you’ve gained to good use as you navigate that transition.

For those transferring to a new school, you’ll want to be aware of application deadlines for admission and scholarships. Planning ahead and getting information early is the best way to achieve a successful transition. It’s never too early to start! If this is your first semester at GRCC, start talking to those transfer schools as early as the Advising Day and Transfer Fair this fall. If transferring is on your agenda this year, call a counselor at the new institution to verify you’re on track.

For those going into the job market, hone in on your communication skills and utilize campus resources to help sharpen those skills. Creating a resume and cover letter isn’t a one night process. It takes a great deal of time to write, edit and tailor your information to specific positions. Ask multiple people to review your work and be thankful for any constructive criticism you receive. They might provide the one suggestion that helps you get in the door! Practice your interview skills. Whether you’ve interviewed for many positions in the past or this is your first time, we can all use practice. Answering a question out loud and on the spot is much harder than it seems when we have time to think and formulate our choice of words perfectly. Have someone critic your nonverbal skills or video tape yourself so that you can watch for things like the amount of eye contact you make or if you say “um” excessively. Take advantage of the services offered in Student Employment Services. In a tough job market, you need to put some real effort into preparing yourself to achieve the job you deserve.

Achievement is about success. It’s the point where your hard work pays off and you reach a goal. It allows you to celebrate what you’ve accomplished and set your eyes on your next dream.

Contributor: Sara Dorer, Associate Director – Student Conduct & Student Satisfaction Initiatives