A student with a daydreaming look on her face


Is attending college a brand new experience for you? Feeling a bit overwhelmed about all there is to learn and know to be a successful college student? How about the question: “What am I going to major in?” Yikes! Be assured that you are NOT ALONE. These are very common concerns for most college students.

I often hear this statement from students: ”I don’t know my major or what my career goal is … so I’m just going to take my basics, my core classes and then I’ll decide. If this sounds like you, that’s GREAT. What a solid starting plan. While there isn’t a right or wrong way to get started, there is defi nitely a wiser way. So relax and listen to my suggestions:

Answer for yourself: Why am I choosing to go to college? What am I hoping to accomplish? What subjects do I enjoy? What skill areas do I already have?

Attend a workshop on choosing a career or exploring a major. Sign up for an individual career counseling appointment. Talk with a GRCC career counselor about your future plans or perhaps take an interest assessment to jumpstart some ideas.

This is YOUR time to imagine your life at Grand Rapids Community College and beyond. Be an information and knowledge SPONGE. Take it one day at a time. Be open to all that is new. Set some goals. And let us help you answer these questions and assist you in creating a plan for this important time in your life.

Contributor: Jill Woller-Sullivan, Counselor – Counseling & Career Center