Armen Award-winning team of students receiving large check as prize

The Armen Awards is a team competition event designed to inspire best practices for teaching and learning. Using the principles of innovation and service learning, students, faculty and community partners form teams to create a product that results in shared impact.

How it Works

During fall 2015 and/or winter 2016 semesters, teams of faculty and community organizations will come together to design and implement service learning projects that equally align course and institutional learning outcomes with community partner needs. 

All projects will be asked to demonstrate how they will measure impact, with particular focus on:

  • students' understanding of course content
  • students' acquisition of communication, critical thinking, social or personal responsibility skills
  • faculty teaching and learning practices
  • community partner capacity (the extent to which needs were met and goals achieved)
  • demonstration of how the service learning project will be sustained

All teams will be recognized! The top three teams will be financially rewarded at the end of the winter 2016 semester.

We encourage faculty new to service learning to start early and start small. However, if you are familiar with service learning then please consider integrating service learning in both the fall and winter semester; perhaps connect your Fall course to the Winter sequenced course meaning 101-to-102; perhaps partner with a faculty member from within your department or even a faculty member from outside your different department.