A GRCC student in graduation clothing near a GRCC flag

Alpha Beta Omega (ΑBO)

World Leaders Society

Who Are We?

Alpha Beta Omega (ΑBO) is a unique and rewarding leadership development program for GRCC students. The purpose of ΑBO is to provide its members with a positive social network of students who have goals of becoming responsible community leaders.


The full and true realization of moral, intellectual, social, and economic advancement for all ΑBO members.


ΑBO is a society dedicated to providing young scholars with relational, educational, and cultural experiences that will instill the leadership qualities necessary to effectively serve our local, national, and global community.

What We Believe

The five core principles of ΑBO are Fellowship, Scholarship, Ownership, Leadership and Citizenship.

1. Fellowship

As a society of young scholars, we will function in the spirit of love, respect, and empowerment when communicating with one another.

2. Scholarship

As a society of scholars, we are devoted and united in a shared pursuit towards obtaining the knowledge base and skill set necessary to function as relevant thinkers, culture shapers, and world leaders.

3. Ownership

As a society of young scholars, it is our purpose, duty, and responsibility to ensure the collective advancement of the human race.

4. Leadership

As a society of young scholars, we influence and direct our families, our culture, our country, and our world in a positive and prosperous direction.

5. Citizenship

As a society of scholars, we will use our intelligence, charisma, and wisdom to passionately and relentlessly solve the world issues that challenge our generation.

The ΑBO Motto

Knowledge is power. We are power.

Today we choose to answer our calling.

Our fate is blessed. Our destiny is sacred.

We are a people of passion, principal, and purpose.

We were created with every ability necessary to perform our purpose.

Nothing outside of us can defeat us.

Knowledge is power. We are power.

3-Year Academic Performance Summary

The below student subgroup comparisons comes from GRCC Fall 2013 successful course completion data.

The ABO data below represents a 3-year, semester-by-semester breakdown of the program's successful course completion data.

Successful Course Completion Equals C- or Higher

TABLE 1: Successful Course Completion (C- or Higher), 2012-2015

Fall Cohort ABO Students All African American Male Students
2012 71% 51%
2013 73% 54%
2014 84%


2015 82% 61%

Grade Point Average  

TABLE 2: GPA Comparison, 2012-2015

Fall Cohort ABO Students All African American Male Students
2012 2.77 1.85
2013 2.34 1.77
2014 2.54 1.98
2015 2.66 2.01

Student Persistence Summary

TABLE 3: Student Persistence Comparison, 2012-2015

Persistence Measure by Semester ABO Members Black Male Students All GRCC Students
Fall to winter (part-time students) 79% 63% 66%
Fall to winter (full-time students) 88% 77% 83%
Fall to fall (part-time students) 52% 34% 41%
Fall to fall (full-time students) 75% 38% 50%

ABO Accomplishments (3 Years)

  • Transfers to universities include 2 to GVSU, 2 to FSU, 2 to EMU, 1 to Cornerstone and 3 to U of M.
  • L. Nathan awarded Michigan College Compact Student Involvement Award for 2014.
  • T. Johnson awarded 2014 Student Leadership Award; 6 other students nominated as well.
  • S. Smith attended invitation-only summer program at UM in Summer 2013 and voted by his peer to give closing presentation.                                              
  • J. Jackson attended invitation-only summer program at UM in Summer 2014.
  • L. Nathan invited by City of Grand Rapids to attend conference in Atlanta on urban violence in 2014.
  • T. Johnson invited by GRCC Foundation to make presentation at Major Donors breakfast.
  • W. Hill awarded Adult Student Award in 2014 and national article in “Encore Online” 2015 e-magazine.
  • J. Thompson featured on Climate Study video.
  • Varnum Law hosted 2 ABO students for paid internships.
  • Four students nominated for Student Leadership Awards in 2014-15.
  • T. Garret selected to serve on the Mayor’s Board.
  • A. Fields and E. Williams awarded first Change Agent Award by Chamber of Commerce.
  • A. Fields awarded Staff Leadership Award by Student Leadership Awards Banquet.
  • Four students to date awarded Milo Brown Scholarship Award at GIANTS Banquet.
  • Students planning joint project with GRPD for 2015 Summer Young Adult Summit.
  • E. Williams, C. Sain, and A. Fields making statewide and national presentations on ABO.
  • Davenport University and Delta College began similar programs in 2015.
  • Over $150,000 in awards to ABO students who transferred to 4-year universities.
  • Employment partnership with Spectrum Health to hire ABO students in Fall 2015.

Winter 2016 Meeting Dates and Topics

  • January 15th (Visions Casting)
  • January 29th (The Fear of Failure)
  • February 12th (Healthy Relationships: Moms, Girlfriends, and Wives)
  • March 4th (Forgiving Fathers)
  • March 18th (Self-Esteem and Turning Information into Power)
  • April 1st (Overcoming Racism)
  • April 15th (The Purpose of Spirituality)
  • April 29th (Work Ethic and Discipline)
  • * All meetings take place on Fridays at 1pm in the Room 132 of the Learning Resource Building.

ΑBO Video Links

ΑBO Empowerment Video Library


Life-Style Creation



Time Management