GRCC lamppost banner on the main campus


What kind of services do you provide?

We provide an array of services ranging from continental breakfasts, snacks and beverages to elaborate 5-course dinners.  If you can't find the type of food or service on our menu please don't hesitate to ask! 

How do I place an order?

Pick the appropriate location, view the menu offered there, complete the banquets and catering form and submit your food and beverage request to Bayard Brooks.

How do I reserve a space/room?

Contact Becky Yoder so she can find the right space for your group.

Where are the buildings located on campus?

Here's a link to the campus map.

How does parking work?

Limited parking is available in the restricted ATC ramp (enter off Ransom Street, 7'2" clearance) on a first-come basis at no charge. Space in not guaranteed and cannot be reserved. Additional parking is available on campus at two public/student ramps.

What are your hours?

Our hours are restricted by the academic calendar so when the college is closed for normally schedule break periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas Break) we are unable to host events.  If you schedule an event in a building that does not normally hold classes for that day then your group could incur overtime costs for facilities and/or campus police.

Do you cater to all buildings on campus?  Are there any restrictions?

The only building we do not cater to is the Student Center.  We offer a full menu at the Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center..  We offer limited menus for the other locations on campus.

Do you do off-campus events?

Generally we do not offer our services off-campus unless it is a school related function taking place off-site.

Do you serve alcohol?

We are able to purchase, and serve beer and wine ONLY at the Wisner - Bottrall Applied Technology Center.  Our liqour license does not allow for service in other buildings. 

What if I'm not a GRCC organization, how do I pay my bill?

We would require a billing address so an invoice can be mailed to you where you can then pay by check.

What happens if there is an emergency that results in the closing of the college?

In case of an emergency which causes the campus to close you will not be charged for any food and beverage scheduled for that day. It would be your responsibility to reschedule your event at a future date.