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Meet Michelle Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton joins Grand Rapids Community College as our new Director of Equal Opportunity Compliance and Title IX Coordinator. Previously, she worked for Michigan State University (MSU) where she also received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Criminal Justice. 

In her role at MSU, she served as a Respondent Advisor where she represented members of the MSU community accused of violating the Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy, Anti-Discrimination Policy, as well as Title IX violations. Hamilton has guided members through the formal grievance process by coordinating and drafting statements, gathering evidence, advocating for supportive measures, and conducting cross-examinations during formal hearings. She has presented on a wide range of Title IX topics explicitly focusing on underrepresented communities within the Title IX process, along with taking preventative measures to help students and employees understand Title IX processes and policies. Hamilton has spent more than a decade advocating for students who are underrepresented in a university setting. Additionally, Hamilton has overseen conduct and procedural training of more than 2,500 student employees across a vast understanding of student employee life and has built a reputation as a trusted advisor for student coaching and advice.

While working full-time, Hamilton received her Juris Doctorate from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Her objective is to educate the community about policies and incorporate feedback for continuous improvement. She will embrace best practices, and work collaboratively and openly in her effort to create safe spaces while guiding people as they build their future.

On a personal note, Hamilton enjoys the theater, movies, history, and bowling as well as spending time with family and friends.