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African American Male Achievement Conference

March 2, 2022

In partnership with the Grand Rapids Urban League and Grand Rapids Public Schools, GRCC serves as host to the African American Male Achievement Conference. Annually, the event convenes high school students throughout Kent County. AAMAC aims to engage students in workshops and activities that affirm their identity and prepare them for the college experience and career opportunities.

Please direct questions, donations, sponsorships, and support to the Urban League.

Contact: (616) 245-2207


Latinx Youth Conference

March 1, 2022

At its inception, the Latinx Youth Conference (LYC) was a grassroots project created by members of the Grand Rapids community. The goal was to encourage and motivate West Michigan high school students to think about education and career goals beyond high school. Since that time, LYC has evolved and changed its targeted focus to middle school-aged students. After several years the conference has returned to its roots as a community-centered initiative led by community leaders.

The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan has stepped out front to enhance the impact of the Latinx Youth Conference in West Michigan. GRCC remains steadfast in our support by serving as host to the annual event.

We look forward to the next installment of the conference.

Please direct questions, donations, sponsorships, and support to the Hispanic Center.

Contact: (616) 742-0200