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Formed during the height of a global pandemic and summer of social unrest, the Read To Act Collective serves as a brave space to examine socio-political issues that impact the ecosystem of higher education.

Dr. Maya Angelou's famous quote, "…when you know better, [you] do better," is a catalyst for the Read to Act (RTA) Collective.

ODEI, in partnership with Instructional Support, invites GRCC stakeholders to come together to increase awareness and understanding (know better) about the impact of structural oppression. As a group (collective), we will use applied knowledge and industry best practices to shift the culture in our classrooms, departments, and work environments (do better).

Summer 2022 Book:

An Unseen Unheard Minority: Asian American Students at the University of Illinois
Author Sharon S. Lee

Summer 2020 Book:

Diversity Regimes: Why Talk Is Not Enough to Fix Racial Inequality at Universities
Author: James M. Thomas