Challenge 3: Strengthening Scholarship Funding

At GRCC, students who’ve been award scholarships have stayed in college and completed their studies at a much higher rate than those who haven’t.

During the 2018-19 academic year, we awarded over $1 million in scholarships, to just over 1,000 students—dollars that not only inspired students to give their all to their education, but also give back to West Michigan.

Almost 600 eligible students in science, healthcare, and other high-cost disciplines were unable to secure scholarships due to lack of funding during the 2018-19 academic year.

Investing in these scholarships often means keeping students on the fast track to successful employment.

By sustaining our Foundation endowment through A Broader Vision, an additional $600,000 could be made available for these future learners.

Lam Nguyen

Foundation Scholarship Recipient

"As a first generation college student, this scholarship was the most meaningful gift I had ever received. Instead of focusing on how to pay for college, I was able to focus on coursework and navigating college."

Steven Vanlwaarden

Foundation Scholarship Recipient

"Receiving the GRCC Foundation Scholarship instilled in me the confidence of knowing that there are others out there - people I have never met - who wanted me to succeed in my studies."

Dwayne Johnston

Human Resources Scholarship

“As an adult, I returned to school 14 years later and obtained my GED. My college experience at my age was my decision, and I didn’t have any support from the people closest to me because they didn’t believe I’d stick with it. Having total strangers rooting for me and supporting me financially made the world of difference. Thank you for believing in all of us!”

Lori Eastman

Grandma O Scholarship

"This scholarship has meant a great deal to me as I have struggled to afford college. Your gift allowed me to continue pursuing my degree. I am humbled that I was chosen and I intend to pay it forward in as many ways as I can."

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